Monday, April 12, 2010

Glaze Info for BOC Blog

I'm excited about being asked to contribute something on a regular basis to the BOC blog. My mid-monthly contribution will focus on glazing, specifically electric kiln glaze firings at Cone 6, using commercially available glazes.

I recently picked up some new glaze samples at NCECA and can't wait to test them out and share my results with you on the BOC blog...

Here are some of the samples I plan on starting with from Georgies:

BOC stands for Beads Of Clay. It is a group of people interested in learning about the process of making, using, and admiring artists work in earth clay to make beads... Anyone can join.

There is a BOC website, Flickr group, FaceBook page, Yahoo group, Blog, and even an Etsy shop. Once I get on my computer I'll edit this post with active links to each... (links done 4/15/10)

Look for my first post later this week!
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  1. thtthat is going to be so great... your glazes are always so beautiful... will be on the look-out!

  2. sorry the message looks weird - the facebook box covers part of the comment box!

  3. Whoop Whoop! You rock! Thanks for this.....It is so helpful! Can't wait to read about it! I've seen their ads for years and I can never decide which glazes to buy....:-)


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