Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remake Of Cutout Flower Pendants

This Flower pendant has been one of my best selling textures for years...

Above is my BLMO (Blue Molasses glaze).

It is a version of the flower design my Grandma Neal showed me how to draw when I was very young. It occupied the margins of notebooks while I was in school daydreaming and doodling.

Above is my AUTU (Autumn Glaze).

It was a natural progression for me to transfer (by carving) this image into clay to be used for making textures for pendants and for additions to art pieces...

Above is my GLAC (Glacier glaze).

When I first started making pendants, they would be a bit more "one of a kind"... Meaning I would cut each design out (like these pictured in this post) instead of using my now cataloged regular shapes.

Above is my TLTE (Textured Light Teal glaze).

When my I started to get requests from businesses for multiples of the same piece to be able to sell online, I decided to concentrate on a standard set of shapes, sizes and glaze colors...

Above is my DUDE (Dusty Denim glaze).

And my porcelain pendant line, as it is today on was born.

It has been from necessity that I am remaking these. And frankly I rather enjoy spending the extra time making these pieces. It reconnects me with that creative place that I need to find again. And I may break out some of the other lesser made cutout pieces to sell on Etsy as well...

Look for these to show up on my Etsy shop in the next day or two... It depends on if Riley allows me the time to create the listings.

Speaking of flowers, check out what is in bloom right now on the Garden Bloggers' Bloom post on my other blog: Marsha'

Be forewarned though, if you like flowers and gardens, there are lots of awesome garden blogs out there once you click around a bit... Leave some breadcrumbs to find your way home again!

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  1. Those pendants are beautiful! I can see why they are best sellers!!!

  2. i love the cut outs... and thank you for sharing that story! i happen to have a fondness for that texture of yours as well, but it means even more now... beautiful...
    hmm, as riley gets bigger maybe he can have his own keyboard - an old one... that could buy a few moments!

  3. They are gorgeous! I lvoe them!

  4. Are the poured of pressed? Very pretty!!


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