Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clay Flowers Atop Shards...

Today I actually had a couple of hours to spend playing with clay in my studio.

I concentrated on making some cutout flower pendants, some cabs, and these...

They are flowers perched on top of some shard pieces, meant to go into your household potted plants.

They are still quite at the experimental stage as to how I am going to be making these...
Do they get wire imbedded within the stem?
Do they get wire just in the tip end of the shard stem?
Maybe no wire at all?

In my head, I go into "production" mode way of thinking. I can't help it. I feel that in order to justify being able to spend time in the studio at this point of my life, it needs to be making something that will bring in some income. I've been in this mode for years now, since I decided to get married and take a chance at quitting my day job and making money by running my own business.

It's not easy trying to be creative in amongst all the pressures of daily life.
In just this last week alone we had a lot going on in our family:
1 funeral (95 year old great uncle), 1 appendix removed (husband) and on 2 week recovery, 1 sick toddler (Chloe) for a week of vomiting, 1 baptism & party (Riley) that went on as planned, even though Dave had his appendix removed just hours before (crazy man!).

Can I just say I'm exhausted and feel like I'm getting a sore throat. Bet it's because my defenses are down... Well, with that, I'm off for a bit...

Keep an eye out on the BOC Blog for my Cone 6 Glaze Test Blog Posting every third Friday of the month. Maybe you can take a look at some of the new glazes I'm hoping to try out on these more sculptural pieces which will soon include pagodas and toadstools, all in miniature for your house plants... (and for the fairies that live there!)


  1. wow - life came at you like a freight train! and when that happens sometimes all we want to do is create... i had an idea (don't know if it is a good one though)... what if you left the center of your flower open, put a shard with a rivet top through it and stamped that top part? then you would still be using only 2 pieces, but they would be joined... just an idea! and i am hoping that sore throat is allergies, but have a feeling it is because you held up through the crisis and now your body has had enough... get well soon!

  2. i forgot to mention that i thought the idea for planters was a great idea! sorry...

  3. Hang in there Marsha! I know that the stuff of life is messy and gritty but it is life. I know that there were some 'something goods' in that bunch. And those flowers? Well, I don't do much with plants but those would make a nice little gift for my mom who does! I love them. (And would especially love them as pendants, hint hint *wink*!)
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Thanks gals! It's a whirlwind at times... I think I'd like to send some of these cutout flower pendants to you guys if you want (and Lorelei too) for a piece or two for the My Mom Pattie Etsy shop. What do you think? I so need to start to promote that shop again soon... Let me know what color palette you want (for the MMP pieces and your own). Erin, I'm not sure if I got your address before when we talked about the MMP shop and putting you on board.

    Talk soon!

  5. Love the flowers to be put into the planters. Please blog them when they are completed! :)

    How did you do the long stem? That's neato.

  6. I rolled the stem out with a cone shaped coil of clay in-between two textured plates. The same way I make my clay shards... Got the texture plate at NCECA through Bailey Pottery supply.

  7. Great that you have gotten some time in the studio Marsha. Those flowers are great. Could they be held together with glaze between the shard and the flower and some wire inside for strength? Hope you feel better. Great post on the BOC Blog. Thanks so much for doing it.

  8. Ah and it makes perfectly good sense to roll out the stems like that. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Make some objects with clay is a good art. A lot of flowers has made by the clay in my studio.


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