Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Serenity Please

I have really one day a week to myself to get things done. That happens to be today (Thursday). Both kids go to school, I run by weight watchers, then home to work on studio stuff.

Last week I was inspired to make some flowers atop some shards to use for decoration in planters around the house.

Well, if you look close enough to the picture above you can see how a bunch of them broke. I know better than to leave things out because Peeves (also pictured above) really enjoys hanging out in the studio too. But in my running around like a fool, forgot to put these in a place safe for drying.

Ah well, lesson learned again... The up side to this would be learning the weak points in the design, which I was questioning anyway.

Better to not let damages like this ruin the day... Really in the big picture it's just spilled clay...

Off to glaze as soon as the kiln is cool enough to unload (more cutout flower pieces in there!)...
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  1. even though one knows that in reality it's not a big deal... it can feel like just one more thing! breathe in, breathe out!! i just happened to look at the last post and saw your note... those would be terrific! i have to go look at your glazes - i love the blue/greens... warm pinks... and i have been feeling a need to get going on things for that shop too... you have my apologies on the lack of 'new stuff'...

  2. Naughty kitty. But Peeves does not look in the least bit concerned. Your last post inspired me to make a few plant stakes myself for the plants I have that are just foliage. It's such a good idea. And a little spilled clay just goes into the scrap bucket, eh?

  3. Thursday is my night to be alone. It is an amazing thing to be able to count on having some time even when it is once a week.

    I found myself thinking about your plant stakes this week. It is a really nice idea!


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