Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - American Art Clay Company - The source for creative people!

Can I just say that I am itching to give the AMACO velvets and opalescent glazes a try!!!

Oh, the days of working with low fire clay... - American Art Clay Company - The source for creative people!

I saw the tile samples at NCECA on display and have wanted to try them ever since.

For me for right now, there are way too many Cone 6 glazes to test out...
And switching to a low fire clay in the studio is a direction that can get me in trouble with my time management (I won't have any time at all left to get anything accomplished!).

But who knows... I already have the velvets on hand... Hmmm... wonder if they have small 4oz jars of the Opalescents available???


  1. You can test them at cone 6 too! Most of my glazes are actually low fire glazes that I fire to cone 6. Although, mine are mostly Duncans. I have not had much luck with Amaco glazes, so it might not be the case, but its worth a try!

  2. Yeah, test them, especially the underglazes. I have a friend who low fires and she loves the velvet underglazes.

  3. You know how I feel about the Velvets! I just ordered 2 opalescent colors to try out with the velvets - Black Tulip and Moss green. I will keep you posted!


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