Friday, November 12, 2010

Second Saturday State of The Studio

Welcome to the Marsha Neal Studio version of the Beads of Clay Blog: Second Saturday State of Your Studio Post...

Pshew - that was a lot to type!

Right now my clay area & glaze area has been serving as my jewelry making area. Mainly wire work & hammering...

The slab roller is the perfect height for working while standing and banging out some wire...

The back of the studio is still a mess... It's been one of the catch all areas for all kinds of jewelry making & craft supplies. I have every intention of making this the place where I can keep jewelry making projects in the works.

You can see all the storage bins that I have things stored in. That is part of the problem - they are stored... Not in a usable organized setup at all.

A friend of mine (Kim) was nice enough to bring this point to my attention and then proceeded to start to collect these bead bins for me (we traded for beads :). Needless to say - it is awesome to have beads & findings at my fingertips by just grabbing a case and having everything right there!

I have all these pieces pulled for jewelry making - the top basket is full of pieces ready for ear wires & oxidation... I am SO proud of myself for finally getting something done that I have been wanting to do for years...

Then this afternoon I finally got to glazing some more shards (have been trying to get here all week!).

And I have been using these trays from my bead show days to keep various shapes & sizes of shards separated for easier pairing for glazing...

And since it is technically Friday as I am writing this post, here is an image for self portrait Friday (Ornamental Blog). Trying out my new earrings & wearing a stressed face from this week. Not happy with where my studio organization is. But not upset about it either. Just annoyed...

I am down a size in pants just this last week and about 20 pounds since pregnancy (pre & post was about the same for me).
Go Weight Watchers!!!

Wonder if I'll get any more studio organization done before next month's post... Or just more jewelry making???

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Marsha, your studio space looks great! And so do you!!!

  2. i always enjoy a trip with you through your studio. Your pieces for jewelry making look yummy. And I like those earrings you are wearing. Thank you for sharing. I will get something together to link to this post. Love the linking.

  3. Thanks!!! I'm in dire need of a haircut. It's been since late spring that I had one. I think Dave likes it longer, but it needs some layers… Getting flat like my butt (I don't know what happened after I had Riley, "butt" any tush that I used to have went flat as a pancake - weird! Now I can't tease my sister as much about her "long back" that goes right into her legs). Gotta laugh at it all!


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