Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something New for Marsha Neal Studio in 2011

I am going to try something for a year. A Marsha Neal Studio "Specials" blog dedicated to a whole bunch of giveaways of my porcelain pieces (and whatever else I feel like throwing in there - silk, leather, jewelry findings, beads, scarves, gift certificates, etc) for 2011.

I decided to do this on it's own blog because of my general overstimulated and overworked brain that cannot seem to keep up with all the different things going on in the world of blogging.

I wanted to make it easy for you to grab one of my pieces, make something with it, post a picture & link back to my blog, and have a chance at winning a fantastic gift from me (trust me - they will be fantastic!).

There are 3 or 4 ideas for monthly giveaways already listed there. Then there are a bunch of "at the end of the year" giveaways too. And I'm open for more suggestions...

All this comes about from an idea I had today while doing a MASSIVE cleaning & organization of my "new office studio space". I have way too many beads & jewelry making supplies (yes you read that right!) That and I really get something out of making people happy, and seeing how my pieces make people happy - I just want to give it all away! And I would - except I need to actually start to pay off some of this business debt that I have gotten myself into and show a profit from my business - like soon!

So I'm thinking - if you can help me to promote my business for 2011 by making stuff with my work, selling stuff with my work, buying stuff with my work, share links to my website (which is really starting to come together - it will premier in January if no major setbacks are found) or blog, Etsy shop, etc - I will give you a ton of chances to win more of my stuff…

It should be like a virtual beading night with friends… One that happens every month - all of next year!

So go ahead and break out the good food, the wine and the chocolate and have at it! Let's see what you have (oh - that's another good idea for a giveaway post - what does your MNS clay pieces stash look like?). See the brain just never stops!

I'll be updating the Marsha Neal Studio Specials Blog with more details and photos of giveaways.

Oh, and of course - something extra special for the end of 2010 too...

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