Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead Soup Arrival...

My Bead Soup mix from my partner Miri Agassi arrived on Tuesday in the mail.
We're international partners, and with checking the "yes - I can ship international" when signing up for Bead Soup, you just have to assume that your package just might take a bit to arrive. 
I was totally okay with that...
When the doorbell rang, I was in the studio glazing a bunch of chocolate clay beads that needed to get into a kiln firing.
I had written a 23 point "to do" list Monday night before bed and knew that if I opened it my Bead Soup package at that moment, my list of items would never get done.
Besides, seeing that yellow package calling to me was great motivation.
On Friday, as I was photographing some new beads, I took the opportunity (first time we have seen the sun in days) to enjoy opening my Bead Soup from Miri, and photographing it afterwards.
Just look at this drawing that Miri created just for me.
I am honored to have received a bonus piece of her art with the beads!
I just LOVE the rich muted jewel tone color palette she sent me to work with!
And looking at these…
Holding these…
Ideas start to instantly flood in...
I love that I have these to play with.
And when I see all these teeny silver seed beads,
I hear that crazy bead lady mwa-hahaha cackle in my brain going off…
And images of excited, idea filled hands wrenching comes to mind!
Oh, Miri - this is AWESOME!!!
Thank you for such a wonderful mix of beads to inspire me to play…

Here is a glimpse of what I sent to Miri for her Bead Soup.
You can also check out her blog for Bead Soup Updates…
A couple of the pieces I had sent were destroyed in shipping, but replacements were sent out.
I think this is my second time ever (knock on wood) that pieces have been damaged in shipment.
The only thing with that kind of situation, is that the glaze is never quite the same from different kiln firings. 
So I am curious to see how she pulls it all together.

Lori Anderson hosts Bead Soup on her Blog: Pretty things.
Bead Soup Blog Party

The final project reveal is on Saturday, September 17, 2011.
Make sure to stop back to see what everyone has made...


  1. gorgeous! Both what you go and what you sent! that big beautiful piece of broken pottery would still make a great shard piece though :)

  2. Sometimes I think I need to take a bunch of my "seconds" that are only seconds because they fused to the wire during firing, and break them for people to use for mosaic work… Thanks!

  3. Oh so many beautiful things in both soups! I cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with! :)


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