Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekend Happenings And A Little Caterpillar Humor...

This weekend is lining up to be a lot of fun!
The busy arts & friends kind...
Especially when thinking that last week at this time we were in full Hurricane Irene prepare for the worst, hope for the best mode…
And by the looks of it, this monarch caterpillar is enjoying a nice margarita to celebrate Labor day...
Oh the things that show up in my iPhone photo import after Chloe has it to fiddle with.
I did manage to eek in some time to play with some chocolate clay this week.
I need to build up a little stock for some fall items in my Etsy shop.
Oh, and Coupon Codes BOCFFAW or DESTFF10 will get you 10% off your retail order in my MarshaNealStudio Etsy shop for Friday, September 2, 2011.
I think I'm going to work in small batches just to have some at the ready for orders that may come in over the weekend.
This weekend is the First Friday Art Walk on which is hosted by the AWETeam.
I've just recently joined the ranks on the AWETeam as leader, and will be helping rally the troops and help write blog posts for the group. Just to lend a helping hand to get it back up and running. Seeing as how it is just like most teams - it is all upon the shoulders of the team members, and all non-paid. So it takes a TON of time, brain power, and effort by the leaders to pull off organizing events. The members of the team create the positive environment that makes the team what it is.

I'm going to hop on over to the AWETeam Blog to create a post for this month. Also to the Delaware Etsy Street Team Blog and The Beads of Clay Blog. All of which I am a member of and want all of the members to get a bit of extra exposure for this once a month event. 
Being part of the team helps to bring it all together for us as shop owners to build our online community. And it gives people shopping for items a tour of different Art Walks around the world - all from their computer. Better save all that for the AWETeam blog…

So when you have a chance, swing by the AWETeam Blog and check out some of the great shops and teams participating in the monthly event!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That chocolate clay looks good enough to eat. Nice to get your hands in the clay isn't it. I really, really should do some team work but as you say, it takes time doesn't it. That's something that seems to be a scarce commodity for me right now. Enjoy your holiday weekend. I think I'll go bake some cookies. Got the cheeky monkey to feed this weekend :-)

  2. Being into polymer clay and not earthen clays, I am not familiar with Chocolate Clay. Sounds and looks totally awesome! Anything that has the name chocolate in it, HAS to be great! Just discovered your blog today, through Melinda Orr's site. Beautiful work, BTW!

  3. mmmmmm....chocolate clay....yum! I love that little caterpiller. God is the best at painting and patterns!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Hey Gals! I am so with you on the chocolate anything has got to be yummy no matter what thing ;)

    The team stuff gets complicated when you're on my end of getting things organized. I just set things up & hope others can find the time to read it and just add a few key tags - and they automatically get taken along for the ride… Then it's just clicking and commenting here and there in support of the team. I love the community feel it builds…

    Once things are set up, it's pretty easy to just watch them run. Like little wind up toys. They go for a bit, then you've got to wind them a bit more for some additional enjoyment… Kinda like clean laundry, clean house, eating… never ending - but you get something good out of it :)

    Have a great weekend!!!


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