Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday - Call To Order. Sale too!

I so desperately want this upcoming week to be a little easier on me.
Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado Warnings - that's my three.
I'm done!
Riley playing with backup light as Light Saber (fake sounds too!).
My Saturday night was spent sleeping in the basement camped out with Dave, Chloe & Riley.
It felt like I was in preparation mode for days before…
Just mentally & physically draining.
Like getting ready for a week or two away from home…
Not that I was worried about the wind and rain from hurricane Irene,
But I was worried rather about the way these huge old trees may drop parts onto our house.
Or how they might come crashing through the house all the way to the street out front...
Riley watching the wind through the trees post Irene.
And I've had nightmares that have woken me with thoughts of these trees coming through the roof in a bad storm and neither Dave or myself not being able to get to the kids. 
The thoughts of their crying terrified voices is enough motivation to drop everything else and get us ready:
cat litter boxes area be damned - steam cleaned carpets, dehumidifier run, fans running, deodorizing spray a plenty, disinfectant cleaned, child proofed my office area where we would be hanging out and sleeping with a 1.5 and 3 year old, tarps to cover the rug, extra twin mattresses brought down from the attic, beds made, lights, batteries, food, water, diapers, potty seat, toys, chargers, must I go on...
Chloe coloring post Irene.
Luckily all the kids knew is that we were having our first family camping night in the basement together. They had a blast! Oh, the bliss of not knowing...
I was a bit worried for my garden.
Nothing that couldn't grow back, but I was expecting something worse than what is pictured above.
Reminded me a bit of Chloe's Rapunzel doll's hair:
Just a bit messy from the winds.
Guess it's like playing and sleeping with a 3.5 year old.
The haphazard life of a doll with very long hair...
And this photo was of the sun breaking through the clouds…
The last of the winds diminishing…
On our way to have Sunday dinner with Dave's family.

Lucky to have Irene treat us not so horribly…
Made it out ok - just a bit stressed…

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I have not forgotten about you, just a bit distracted :)

How did you all fare with the Hurricane?
Hope all is well with you and your families!


  1. So good to hear that you and family are OK.

  2. Glad to hear you made it through OK too. It is exhausting, the stress takes it right out of you. We decided to just leave the boards up on my studio windows just in case we have more storms this season. Seems once one finds a path, they all follow. I completely get it about the trees.

  3. Glad to hear you made it through! Funny how having kids changes everything!! Tho I bet the 3yo will remember this whole adventure fondly! xo

  4. We've got a 3 yr old and a 5 year old, so I completely know what you are talking about! There's nothing more exhausting than trying to prepare for something you don't want the kids to know about :( Irene came our way too, but thankfully other than mussed hair, we were good to go too!

  5. Oh I so feel your pain with this one - we lost power for 5 days after Irene's visit - kids were crying aand hugging each other when the power finally came back on! Glad you are all safe!


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