Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Road To Bead Fest Sale!

It is hard to believe Bead Fest Philly is right around the corner!
Date wise as well as location wise for me…
This is one of those bead shows that you just should not pass up if you are in the area…
And let's face it - a day is never enough time to really shop the show!
And we all know that there is never enough money to have on hand to get everything you need.

I really want to shop for some items to bundle with some of my pieces on my Etsy shop as well as for finished jewelry for myself (I must get more Joanne Zekowski beads :)
Hmmm - kinda makes me think that puts me into the position of "personal shopper" doesn't it?
I go and buy beads, then come back and show you all what I got and offer them for sale to you at split-sy because we're sharing beads? I love that kind of bead shows shopping…
And you know they will go with my stuff because I'm picking them out in person - no funny computer monitor color issues.

Want to help me out?
Send some monies my way by buying some stuff from me in my Etsy shop this week?
Want a coupon for 20% off to entice you a bit more?
Works from Monday, August 14 through Sunday, August 21st, 2011.
Use it when you are checking out.

You know how I love to give stuff away right?!

Here are the THREE Drawings I'm going to hold for those of you that want to help me get some spending cash for Bead Fest:

Giveaway #1 - $30 Gift Certificate Drawing:
Use the "BFPS2011" coupon code in my Etsy shop this week and you will get entered to with a $30 MNS Etsy gift certificate. 
One entry per person for this special.

Giveaway #2 - $30 Gift Certificate Drawing:
Purchase one of my porcelain or clay pieces through D7Studio during BeadFest in booth #529/628 and contact me with your receipt number by 6/24/11 (I can verify with her, so no faking it ;) through email, and one winner will get a $30 gift certificate to my MNS Etsy shop. 
One entry per person for this special.

Giveaway #3 - $50 Gift Certificate Drawing:
If you make a purchase in my Etsy shop this week with the "BFPS2011" coupon code AND then go to the D7Studio booth and buy one of my porcelain or clay pieces at the show (must send me that receipt number) - you get entered to win a $50 MNS Etsy gift certificate.

Just to clarify, if you qualify for #3 above by purchasing through both - you get entered into all three giveaway categories, not just #3. 
Make sure to email me Marsha {at} by 6/24/11 with your receipt number.
Winners to be announced by Friday 6/26/11.

Want to shop some other artists Etsy shops to help them out with some extra spending cash?
Here they are…

I will be posting some pictures this week of new items going up into my Etsy shop (like the porcelain version of the donuts & tab beads) and of things that I am making just for D7 Studio for BeadFest (photos coming soon)…
So check back!
And keep an eye out in my Etsy shop!

And here is a free day pass to Bead Fest!
Happy Bead Shopping!!!

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