Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene. Earthquakes. Etsy Relevancy. The Turtle is Ready...

You know it's going to just be one of those weeks sometimes…
At least the sandbox turtle is prepared...
I was eating lunch on Tuesday when the earthquake happened.
Have to admit - eating a bowl of pumpkin mushroom soup was an ideal place to be.
For me - not scary - thank goodness.
Pretty cool actually…
So now we are under Hurricane Watch/Warning for this weekend…
Last night we took precautions to secure things outside that might take flight when the hurricane force winds hit us.
Inside, the kilns are unplugged and electrical parts up off the floor (just incase a bit of water makes its way in - if it is a lot, then we're in trouble regardless).
I'm getting anything paper related up off the ground if I can.
Books, magazines, etc…
Most of my stuff is stored in plastic bags within plastic bins anyway, so not much preparation is needed in the studio.

Over on Etsy, I've yet to really delve into the "relevancy search-ability" of my shop items.
I need to go by section by section to edit tags and titles…
And the whole thing is just unappealing to me right now.
Too many other things going on in life.
And any free time I have,
I want to be creative and not sucked into the computer.
Know the feeling?

Here is one quick section I managed to update:
MarshaNealStudio.Etsy Porcelain Halloween pre-update.
Above is what the old background & photographs looked like.
Of course, I had started the update when I remembered to take a screen shot…
MarshaNealStudio.Etsy Porcelain Halloween during update.
Above is what it looked like once I updated the background.
I wanted an old Transylvania eerie map feel to the images.
Like these are old pieces recently unearthed…
You know - Halloween style though.
MarshaNealStudio.Etsy Porcelain Halloween all cleaned up.
And above is the final update to the section.
New pieces photographed with the new background.
Tags and Titles updated.
Now will they be relevant enough to start to show up in searches?
What about Treasuries?
What about into shopping carts?
And then - into actual designs…

So how are you preparing for the hurricane?
Did you feel the earth move too?
Do you think the turtle in the first photo is over-reacting with 4 bungee cords?
(I think he takes after my side of the family if you ask me!)


  1. I'm in Ct and while some friends did feel the quake - I was blissfully unaware! I am restocking my store and haven't even looked at relevancy yet - EEEK! We are supposed to get hit on sunday we'll see how that goes - stay safe!

  2. I'm a ways inland here in NC but we're close enough to expect high winds and lots of rain. That means my basement will flood but there is a sump pump. My main concern is the garden. Tomatozilla has been lashed even tighter to a fence post and there is nothing I can do about the carrot and beet seedlings. Good idea about the kilns. Better go out and unplug them.

    I didn't feel the quake but Peter had the projection screen in his class room shake. I'm quite happy I didn't feel it because earth quakes really freak me out. Images of being swallowed by the earth and all.

    The turtle looks perfectly ready and not in the least bit over reactive!

  3. As long as no one is hurt, I do kind of enjoy earthquakes here in So Cal...experienced a couple good ones in the time I've lived here. I'm always in awe of the power they have.

    Love the bungeed turtle, I hope you stay dry and everything remains earthbound :)

  4. I live outside of D.C. and felt the earthquake. It was quite scary actually seeing the walls shake and the floor move like you are in a fun house. At first, I had no idea what was going on. It sounded like a train was about to come through my house. We have railroad tracks nearby, so I actually thought a train had derailed. Plus earthquakes are not at all common in our area, so that was a bit alarming. Things fell off of shelves, but no damage.

    I am happy to see that turtle will be safe and no, you are not over-reacting with 4 bungee cords! It is really amazing what Mother Nature brings on!

  5. Well Marsha, I am just a few hours south of you and so will be getting "hit" first and I am not looking forward to it. At.All. Spent most of yesterday getting prepared, cutting tree limbs, putting everything that can become airborne away and stocking up on water and food. I am planning on losing power for days/week. They said we can expect it to be worse than when Isabelle hit and we lost power for 3 days back then. Oh happy day! Be safe

  6. Hi Marsha, I hope that all of you will cope well with the Hurrican.
    Be safe


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