Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Heart Macro...

Welcome to my weekly post to contribute to this weeks 
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I've been working a lot on updates for my Etsy shop
(not just the relevancy tags… ugh!)

I love taking macro photos of these pieces…
The way the glazes react over the clay is just yummy!

I'm still working on getting this series of photos into a listing.

I'm such a color and texture freak…
I think I need to print some of these photos and collage with them for color inspirations - what do you think?

Here is another quick link to my in-between I Heart Marcro Sunday posts that had some beautiful colored macro shots that inspired some of my new silk bundle color palettes…

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See you next week!


  1. Beautiful beads! And very unusual. Love the colors, too.

  2. Oh Marsha a collage of the photos would be beautiful! I'm a texture freak too, love textures!!! Your beads are beautiful!!

  3. Amazing beads, love the DOF in the last shot.

  4. I really like these shots too! I love the curves, texture and the way the light seems to skip across the beads. I love the wonderful colors too!

  5. Love the close up of your pieces! I also love the glaze colors you used! Gorgeous!

  6. Great photos of your beads. I so love color and texture too. I also went over to the floral photos that inspired your silk groupings. Some of those are so delicate and wonderful! Great photography!

  7. very nice, your beads a pretty, at first glance before I scrolled I thought it might be a wet metal bar

  8. Love that second shot, the colors and textures, yummy!

  9. These are gorgeous beads! I love the textures and the colors and how the one plays off the other :)

  10. Your blog itself is yummy, but these beads are gorgeous! I love that 2nd shot especially. Gonna take a look around your site right now.


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