Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bead Soup September 2011

Have you heard of Bead Soup?
If you are involved in the handmade bead and jewelry world, chances are that you've heard of it.
Lori Anderson (Pretty Things) hosts this bead swap and jewelry making event twice a year.
Bead Soup Blog Party
This year I was able to remember to actually sign up and get involved.
I think it will be exciting to give jewelry making - blind date style - a try.
Miri Agassi Beadwork.
My partner for Fall 2011 Bead Soup is Miri Agassi.
Miri Agassi Beading with Cabochons
She is across seas and land over in Israel.
She is a graphologist (I had to look up what that was)...
And has one heck of a talent for drawing
And of course - has a wonderful skills with beadwork.
I too have a love of seed beads,
And really enjoy seeing how she creates structures with the beadwork and creates layers to work more beadwork upon - Amazing!!!
She sells her beadwork through a small local shop called "Artists Design Shop".
She has three children, and three grandchildren,
So you know she just has to have a wonderful loving personality…
I am honored to be able to get to know her through this blogging event,

Here is a distorted preview of the "bead soup" I sent her to Miri:

And a button I've created for us to use on our blogs for bead soup updates:
Hers says Miri & Marsha…
It's our little journey together.
I'm thrilled to be on it with her…

Also, for a little extra Bead Soup Shopping & Eye candy:

Next post for Bead Soup will be when I receive the beads from Miri.
All these beads out there traveling the vast oceans on their journey to a new home to a new destination…
What will they all become part of?
I can't wait to find out...


  1. You're so sweet to make that wee button! Love your sneak peek. And Miri's beadwork is stunning. Looking forward to the next update!

  2. I can't wait to see what the two of you dream up!


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