Monday, August 8, 2011

Pantone Fall Fashion Color Chart 2011...

Designers - Do you keep this chart handy?
Here is a link if you want to get the info from Pantone.
This color chart is a bit of an obsession for me right now.

I'm seriously looking at the "tagging" side of my marketing plan…
Ok, I'm obsessed with it…
I want to figure out how to make my jewelry items in similar color palettes to these fall fashion colors come up in searches higher up and how it all makes sense as to how people look and find your items through the internet as well as Etsy…

*Bamboo, Honeysuckle, Cedar, Deep Teal, Nougat are all pretty close to some of my silk colors.
The others were just "close enough":
#7 Golden Mustard (*Bamboo)
#221 Peach Cobbler (Emberglow)
#219 Honeysuckle (*Honeysuckle)
#223 Concord (Phlox)
#210 Light Sage (*Cedar)
#55 Cerulean (*Deep Teal)
#64 Chocolate (Coffee Liqueur)
#65 Light Tan (*Nougat)
#91 Lilac (Orchard Hush)
#212 Denim (Quarry)

Click HERE to buy this "Fall Fashion Color Palette 2011" Silk knot bundle.

These new colors below - in the 200 series of my color codes - were introduced last year by Ute.
She jokingly tells me she calls the rich muted tones her "Marsha" palette because when I would order from her, I used to always say, make sure you put a lot of those dark, rich, muted tones in there for me...
Oh - Ute…. Marsha wants even more rich muted tones :)
I just LOVE these silks!!!
Actually, I've got a refreshment order going into her and may be adding a few new colors that I didn't carry before in with it.

Oh, and you know I'm going to be glazing up some pieces in this color palette too right?
And with ceramic clays as my main medium, fall seems to be the perfect, earthy season for using clay in combination with colors like this…

I better get on that!

Check back soon...


  1. What a great idea to offer this Pantone palette of silks! You are so good at this marketing thing, Marsha. I would never have thought of that!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Thanks Erin! I'm trying to get my brain around it all and get out there a bit more with m stuff :)

  3. Thanks Marsha for that link - I can see why that's a favorite. I love their choice of fall colors. Nice matches on the silks.


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