Thursday, August 11, 2011

Etsy Shop Update Today!

I've been taking photos in the last week and plan on updating my Etsy shop today…
Here is a taste test of what is going to show up sometime after 10am EST:
Chocolate Clay Leaf Set Ruby Glaze.
Chocolate Tablet Beads with Glacier Glaze. 
Gnarly Spiral Design in Porcelain with New Peacock Glaze.
Porcelain 2-Hole Donut with Autumn Glaze.
Chocolate flattened shard (NEW) with Glacier Glaze.
Chocolate 1-hole donut with Green Sea Glass Glaze.
Zentangle Inspired doodle stamps Porcelain Pendants with Glacier Glaze.
Porcelain Twirl Shard with NEW Opal glaze.
Chocolate Clay Toggle Set in Patina Glaze.
Then at some point in the next couple of weeks
I'll be taking more photos of my Halloween and Fall pieces,
Which will show up in my Etsy shop by late August into early September...

Remember - I've got a coupon code for 10% off if you are one of my Marsha Neal Studio FaceBook fans.


  1. oh, i am in looove with the dips - it reminds me of what i do with metal and enamel (well, not just me - let's say rather - what can be done with metal and enamel)... beautiful, marsha!

  2. loving the chocolate with glacier and ruby glaze!!!

  3. Love those Marsha - that swirl design with the peacock glaze is amazing. BTW - excited to see you're doing the bead soup party!


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