Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friendship Day...

There seems to be a day for everything,
But never enough time in a day…

And below is the clickable version of the Treasury Collection I've created over on Etsy that I like to call:
Friendship Bracelets

Etsy, Blogs, FB, Twitter, and all kinds of other group sites and the like have allowed my community of friends to grow SO huge & my life to seem more enhanced by the interactions with you all...

So, with today being friendship day, I thought it would be nice to create a treasury with members from the various Etsy Teams I'm on. I would love to do one for my blogging friends, beady friends, etc, but alas… not enough time today (but soon - maybe).

Don't you just love making and wearing bracelets?!
Especially ones that are handmade by friends?!
I know I do…

Happy Friendship Day to all my friends out there!
(yes, I mean you!)


  1. Hey Marsha! Great to meet you! So sorry about the loss of your MOM- that must be so very hard!!
    I live in N. Va and I love to bead- this will be my first Bead Soup!! I love your work and I would love to have you friend my shop on FB = Expressions of Elizabeth. You have gotten me thinking about getting out my porcelain clay and firing up my little kiln and making some of my own focal beads!!!Very best Regards!

  2. At least there's time to enjoy looking amongst the busyness of life.


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