Wednesday, March 7, 2012

De-Stash Hump Day Special Bonus Giveaway

Over in my Etsy shop I am running a De-Stash sale.
Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop DeStash Section.
It started on Monday with 500 items listed at $5 for one pendant, $10 for a matching set of 3 pendants (earring and necklace sized sets), and I just added a few $18 sets that have 6 pairs of the small earring sized pendants.
Marsha Neal Studio Small Earring Sized Pendants Listing

These various items are regularly priced at $14 to $84 retail, so if you are buying them, you're getting a great deal.

Last check there are about 175 items remaining in there, and at this point, I'm going to run a special BONUS GIVEAWAY DRAWING.

For every 1 item you purchase today (March 7, 2012 until 10pm EST) from my DeStash Section of my shop, you will earn one entry into this drawing.
You must make a purchase by 10pm EST from my Destash Section tonight to get in on this.

Why the time limit?
Because at 10pm EST, I am dropping the destash prices by $1.

What will you win if I pick your item?
I will pick out a selection of items that match what you purchase from DeStash today (by 10pm EST) and will include it in with your shipment.
If you buy 5 destash $5 pendants, I will send you another 5 of the same retail value.
You can either pick from items left in the destash section of my shop or let me pull some pieces from ones I still have that are not listed. I will pull according to palettes you have purchased - trust me - you will not be getting pieces that are flawed or crappy in any way - I don't have "seconds" and don't want them out there for people to think my work is of that quality.

Any item in destash qualifies you for a chance.
And I will match all of the destash items you purchase today (cutoff 10pm EST).
Sorry, no previous destash purchases apply to this giveaway.

Why do something like this?
I want to get rid of all of any remaining pieces and start to ship out orders.
I want them to have a better place to be than here in my studio with me sitting in a bin.
I really just like to give things away to people that enjoy my work.

Good luck! 
I will announce the winner later here on my blog, FaceBook page & of course - by Etsy convo.

So the 11th item (out of the 52 actual destash pieces purchased today 3/7/12 before 10pm EST) was this pendant:
Destash Pendant Winner
The remaining items in the De-Stash section of my Etsy shop have been marked down to $4 each (from $5 - and originally from $15 retail).
The destash sale ends on Thursday, March 8th, 2012.
So if there are any items that you want, make sure you get them before they get listed back to regular price or get deactivated...


  1. Yippee!! Marsha, you make this sooo fun!!

  2. Ack! Miss Marsha, you sure know how to throw a sale! Now I am compelled to go over to the Destash site... AGAIN... and see what new fun things have popped up. Love it!
    Enjoy the day.

  3. Whew! I am so glad that someone bought that set above and the one that was similar to it! I had it in my cart almost immediately, because I hate to see a batch of orphans neglected and alone and would have bought them if they were still lonely and unloved after work. So happy that someone will have these to make pretty earrings with! ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Ooh! I'm intrigued! I loved getting a surprise with me big order from your last destash sale! I'm not feeling extremely lucky today though... :)

    I adore you new smaller pendant sizes and your pretty little earrings! I love earrings and have been thinking about what I would do with them, all. day. long!

    Natalie A

  5. I have been at work all day with my internet not working and I missed all the fun and all the earring pairs, :'(
    if there are any left let me know...


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