Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sanding Worked!!!

I am SO elated! Overwhelmed with a load of work to get done - but elated that a little sanding (cleaning off oxidation and residue) of the cone sensor and cone holder arms that were sticking and not letting the kiln shut off - is all that my little Olympic Babydoll Kiln needed to get back to firing properly (thank you Annie S. for reminding me that needs to be done - pshew!)

So the pics show an overfired (stuck) cone melt. And a properly fired cone. The others are pre-firing, the kiln setter with backup timer showing that the cone shut off the kiln (& that I timed it pretty darn close too), and the post glaze firing...

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  1. I just bought an Olympic doll kiln, but have yet to fire it. It has a digital controller, which I'm thankful for. It's good to see how well this kiln is working for you. Can't wait until I get the time to start running it!


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