Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mosaic of Cutout Flower Pendants With New Glaze Colors

I am excited to have created this image for showing the 12 new glazes that I have recently tested and plan on adding 8 of them to my glaze line.

I am working on an entire new line of cutout flower pendants...
For now, keep an eye out in my Etsy shop to see what I'm coming up with and testing out.

Hope all is well with you!
Thanks for stopping by...

Here is a great link to a blog: Little Red House that hosts Mosaic Mondays...
Talk about a whole lot of inspiration in one place!
Think about participating... I'm giving it a try on a more regular basis!
Wish I could be this inspired for exercising (one day!)...

Want to make your own Mosaic?
Check out Big Huge Labs.


  1. Oh Marsha! Those glazes are divine! And I love that flower. I will check out the Etsy shop soon!
    I love making mosaics. I find it easy with Picasa. I made my own mosaics for the front of postcards that are on their way to me from VistaPrint right now for my upcoming gallery exhibit!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I am excited about your new flower pendants and glazes. I will keep watching for them. Glad you are getting some studio time.

  3. Thanks! I should check out Picassa too - Thanks for letting me know about it (want to get some cards made up soon too). I even rolled out some of my low fire clay (setting up now) to use to carve out some new designs yesterday for my new flower designs. I think I may be starting with some of the drawings I used for decals and making them into carvings... Pretty jazzed about it!

  4. Your pendants are unique. I enjoyed browsing your Etsy Shop.


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