Thursday, July 29, 2010

Comments Winner Picked

Thanks to everyone for the input about my thoughts on the My Mom Pattie giveaway drawing…
I've got a bunch of things to think about to make sure to avoid the gray areas of this type of situation. I hate gray areas… makes me not able to sleep at night. Got to keep things in the black and white!

This morning Chloe was extra sleepy and moody (up 2 hours later than bedtime last night - being goofy. Then up 2 hours early this morning - woke up crying… I think she is starting to have bad dreams about "monsters"). So she missed out on the opportunity to help me with the drawing.

Riley was game though… So I pulled the number of commenters (minus my comment) and put them on his tray after mixing them up. 
He focused and was able to pick one up… And tried to put it in his mouth (of course)...
And the winner is...
The first commenter - Cindy (Higgins Design Studio). Seriously Cindy - go buy a lottery ticket! And get one for me!!! For those of you wondering… Cindy was picked as my 150th Face Book Fan commenter just the other day… FANTASTIC!!!
I think I may get to a point where I am picking two winners for the drawings so Chloe and Riley both can have their turns at pulling numbers.

Thanks for stopping by! Will post soon about my refined ideas about the My Mom Pattie Shop "drawings"...


  1. Congrats to the winner!!! Only wish I was that lucky Cindy! :-)

  2. O - M - G !!!!!! I cannot believe my luck this year! Thank you Riley! As I said in my comment... you pick the color this time, send me your favorite (but I know that's hard to pick) or let Chloe or Riley pick for you ;~)


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