Saturday, July 10, 2010

Puget Sound Bead Festival

This weekend is the Puget Sound Bead Festival in Tacoma, WA.
It runs through Sunday, July 11 until 5pm. If you are in the area and are into beads, jewelry, crafting, collecting artist work, meeting artists, and so on - you should really stop by the show and spend some time buying up some goodies!

I always wanted to do this show, and after being accepted a few years ago, I did travel out to the West Coast to sell beads for a couple years. Then I got pregnant, and traveling with little ones that far (5+hour flight) is just not something I am into doing... Maybe when they are older I'll do shows again, but not for a while...

So my friends Joan Tucker and Lana Wilson of Off Center Productions (above picture is some of their beautiful work) are out there with a booth selling their very cool pendants, beads, cabochons, and clay vessels. I mailed them some pendants of mine (including some of the cutout flower pendants) to put out as well...

It's a great honor to have them make space in their booth for my pieces!!!

I hope you have the time to swing by their booth and pick up some treasures... And I do mean treasures! You can only know what I really mean when you have the experience of picking one of their pieces up and holding it in your hands (then another one, and another...). 

Addictive I tell you!

Stop by their booth #403 and tell Joan or Lana that Marsha sent you... Then give them a hug for me! A big one!!!

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  1. Haha! I saw your blog on the BoC blog roll with that picture and I thought they put the wrong picture with your blog. That looked like Off Center Productions. And it was.


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