Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Artist Break

There are times when you just need to step away from all the duties of work just for a wee break…
I'll be back into the swing of things & business stuff on the 15th of December...
Rough Gulf of Mexico water (and very cold & windy too).
My break has been worked in around my sister April's graduation from USF and Chloe's third birthday…
Chloe and Aunt April...
Spending time with family and enjoying just being with each other is such a wonderful break from all the craziness and stress of working from home (means we work ALL the time)...
Riley and Dave...
Not like being with a 1 year old and a 3 year old 24/7 is relaxing really, but it sure is a lot of fun if you just remind yourself to laugh at it and make things ok instead of getting mad at it…

I think I may try to incorporate some kind of meditation into my daily routine. I find that my patience and temper are wearing thin and I am getting to that point I was at when I was burnt out from doing 30+ shows a year and coming home to make more beads…

And Dave and I will be seeing the chiropractor from carrying and sharing beds with these little ones (Riley refuses to sleep in a pack and play & arrangements have been that we each get one kid).
Why is it that kids sleep sideways???
I love the middle of the night sitting up, seeing you there, then thump, head fall forward right onto you…
It is actually kinda cute except when they head butt you...

Anyway… I love to blog and since I have a moment (Riley is napping & Dave and Chloe are running a quick errand), I figured why not…
Cinderella's Castle lit with magical icy looking Christmas lights.
And some of the best things to come out of Chloe's mouth so far:
After watching a night time parade on main street in Disney: 
"Mom, let's go over there… I want to see MORE magic!!!"

At mom-mom and pop-pop's house taking about getting some ice cream after seeing some Christmas lights on special display (driving in the car to see them). She pointed to the lights right out the front window and said: "There are christmas lights! Now can we have ice cream?"

Tomorrow is Chloe's 3rd Birthday already!
Where has the time gone?

Hope you are all keeping busy and enjoying the time you have with friends & family!


  1. Happy Birthday Chloe. Enjoy your family time. There is always work but the littlies are only little once. Kids sleep horizontally because it is a universal law that they forgot to put into the manual they came home with at birth.

  2. Looks like you are enjoying your time off with a good dose of family and fun.
    I got my lentil bead... thank you for the silks too!
    Safe travels home.

  3. HaPpY bIrThDaY Chloe! So glad she is getting TONS of magic as part of her celebration!!!

  4. Glad you are getting a break and in such a nice place. Have fun.

  5. happy 3rd birthday chloe... enjoy the break marsha... raising babies is hard work - i have kids that sleep like yours (and i hate to tell you, they still like to climb into bed with me!)

  6. She had a GREAT day after her birthday. On her birthday she was exhausted and had complete melt downs mid day. So we slept it off and just went with the flow. Once mom-mom and pop-pop arrived to Disney for two nights with us, she cheered right up. I think having grandparents so far away makes time with them so much more special. She was totally fine with leaving Disney because we were going to drive to their house… She loves the attention! Who doesn't though - right? And MJ - I hope that my kids will always want to climb into my bed for some snuggle time!!! :-)


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