Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My To Do List For 2011

There are so many things that I am getting to "deadlines" with. Some are past due, some I've just added, some I have been considering for a while.

So for my 2011 "To Do"
1. Apply to the DE Master Gardener Program (apply like now - due 1/11/11)

2. Donations out the door and uploaded to my "Specials Blog" (to be done ASAP!)

3. Get ready for the Drawing Lab 2011 (Starts next week!)

4. Marsha Neal Studio Website Updates (Will I ever really get to this?)

5. Have new clay cutters made (I should be able to get to this fast - just need to find that file on my computer somewhere…)

6. Jewelry Making area studio makeover - need to just get my brain around that!

7. Um - new work for Marsha Neal Studio? Well, maybe inspiration will hit me as I am working on learning some drawing skills and hopefully taking classes on becoming a master gardener…

8. Get through the 90+ emails sitting in my email inbox… (sorry if you have not heard back from me!)

I think the alignment last night of the heavens put me back on track to get myself going again…
Got kids from school, had dinner with a surprise visit from Santa at Jakes Wayback Burger in Kennett Square, Christmas lights and flowers at Longwood Gardens, and super happy kids…
Back in alignment indeed…

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. My inbox is the bane of my existence. Glad you had a productive day and super happy kids!

  2. that is a wonderful feeling indeed... things will get done, one at a time or more - you are a mom, multi-tasking can happen... best to you and your family...

  3. Can't wait to draw with you!
    Enjoy the day, Marsha. Rest up. Your list will need it!

  4. Just got connected to your blog. I'm looking forward to draw with you, too.

  5. Well, I am not to the evaluate and re-assess part of the year yet... BUT - I am intrigued by #3 and hope to do that more, myself. I can HELP you with #6! And we can drink lattes and brainstorm, critique...#7. Looking forward to all those numbers in 2011.

  6. Thanks for posting the drawing class on your blog. I can't wait to get started.

  7. I have a list. But I lost it. Typical.


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