Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Book - The Silk Ribbons!

Have you seen all the hype about this new book:
Not only is it full of fun projects that fit my fashion style, I'm personally really excited because I was asked to contribute some info on the care of Silk Ribbon (page 11 in the book) that I sell through my Marsha Neal Studio website and Etsy shop.

I couldn't wait to get a copy in my hand, so I had to download a pdf copy!

And now that I've got a copy in hand, I can see just how many of the projects that have the Silk Painting Is Fun (Ute hand paints these silks, but sells in bulk) silks that I've been selling with my ceramic beads and pendants since I first met her back in early 2005.

Here are the three types of Ute's silks I carry:
2mm silk cord
Fairy Ribbon
Silky Ribbons
Sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to pick out individual color strands and let's not even talk about color resolution and how different colors look on your monitor, so I offer silks in 10-strand "Silk Knot Bundles" which are pre-selected color palette bundles of 2mm, Fairy or Silky Silk Ribbons to make it easier to buy and still feel inspired and not overwhelmed by choices.

The color palette in the three photos above were inspired by the 2011 Fall Pantone Fashion Colors.

One project in the Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Book that uses almost a full 2mm Silk Knot Bundle
is Lorelei's "Ocean Love" project.
(10) 2mm Silks for Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Book Project: Ocean Love
She came up with this "Ocean Love Silk Cord Set" herself.

From the Beads of Clay Blog, a photo of it:

You could use this palette to make the project in the book, or pick another color palette that is pre-selected, or - make up your own palette (for a similar effect to the project in the book, pick 2 of each of 5 colors for 10 silks total).
Use her project for inspiration to fuel your creativity!

I'll be updating my blog here with lots more palettes for projects related to this inspirational book!
I can't wait to get into my jewelry studio and start playing with all these materials I've got at my disposal.
I promise to keep some for those of you that want to order some for your projects too!

Like working with silks?
Love picking out color palettes?
Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge


  1. THANK YOU, Marsha! I'm so excited and happy to hear you are enjoying the book! Really, you were an instrumental part of it. That silk ribbons section is one of my very favorite parts of the whole book. It is such a key feature and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so very much. I love your silks and your ceramic work. They pair so well together. And speaking of your ceramic work, I received a little gift today from Michelle Mach. She sent me a little set of your pieces. I LOVE them! They are beautiful and the shapes are so cool! I can not wait to make something with them.

  2. Thank You Erin (and Lorelei) for asking me to be a part of such a great project (even though I didn't do much at all). Having this book (well - the pdf anyway - lol) in hand has really inspired me to sit and want to create some finished jewelry. It has so many fantastic ideas for my creativity to use and take into another direction. WONDERFUL!!!

    I'm delighted that you liked the set that Michelle had specially made for you and Lorelei, and can't wait to see what you two make with them. They are created with one of my very original texture plates that I had created back in 2001 when I first stared to play around with ideas of making pendants from my hand carved plates.

    Thank you gals for such an awesome source of inspiration!


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