Friday, May 11, 2012

New Silk Combo Packs

Today I spent a lot of time photographing silks for my Etsy Shop Silk Update (now completed).

I thought it was time for a change for some of my silk photos...

And tonight made this collage with some of the New Silk Combo packs.
The Silk combo packs are 20 silks (10 ~ 2mm, 5 ~ Silky, 5 ~ Fairy).
And you can pick any of these 6 color palettes!

I have a thing for color and texture.
And I love creating silk knot bundles...
And for those people that love to create with various types of silks, but don't have the time to pick out individual colors - these palettes are pretty helpful.

And of course - there are a ton of projects, challenges and blog hops that inspire me to pick color palettes out, like this month's Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge:
Brandi Hussey's ABS Color Palette Inspiration based on Maurice Utrillo's painting.  
Marsha Neal Studio 2mm Silk Cord Set (Palette #187)
And you can see (& purchase) special palettes that some of my friends picked out:
Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge

When it comes down to it, it can be overwhelming to pick out colors and styles while staying within a budget (trust me - I know - I started ordering these silks by a couple hundred, and now I order them by the thousands - talk about addicted...).

I just love it...
Love having all these colors and textures in hand to help you with your next project!
I'm starting to accept that I am a components person.
And I am totally ok with that.
I really enjoy working with people and making things for their creations...

Another thing I love - hanging out with my kids:

For a few hours at the end of the day today, after picking up my little ones from school, then my sister, we headed out on our annual excursion to the Wilmington Flower market for some kiddy rides, carnival food, live music, and lots of cool artwork by local vendors.
It is one of those things that we can look back and see how much they have grown from year to year.
Next year, Chloe will be big enough to get on rides all by herself.
RJ - another two probably...

Where does the time go?

Enjoy the new palettes over on my Etsy shop!

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