Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bisque Beads In Waiting

With all the craziness of my husband's mystery illness (still no exact diagnosis). I am hopeful that he is on the mend and I can start to get back to work on glazing these new pieces & get them up for sale...

Bisque firing unloaded.

Spiral texture, textured discs.

Domed spiral texture, textured discs.

Textured disc donuts.

Small buttons for bracelets.

Porcelain bats waiting for some glaze color...

I want to find a few hours. Just a few...
Hoping for Monday with no drama & some studio time.
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  1. Yum! LOVE the spiral discs, can't wait to see the finished product. I can see those pieces integrated into so many designs!! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  2. Hope you find a diagnosis soon! loving the 'almost' pieces .. can't wait to seem them finished

  3. Marsha, thinking of you and your husband.
    I understand about wanting to find a few hours. I think I lose those few hours whenever I get online! :-0
    I just love your new batches of beads...what great photos. Those spiral beads look especially cool!


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