Sunday, September 2, 2012


Ever have those times that last a while where if something can go wrong - it does?
Well. I think I've been having one of those last couple of weeks: Death, sickness, deadlines, bad kiln firings, guilt (isn't that last one frustrating?)

Today I woke up early. No real reason. Just did. So after 45 minutes of trying to fall back asleep, and then Chloe's early morning climb into our bed, I knew me going back into sleep was hopeless.

So I fed Peeves (she is also recently " Mr. Kitty Soft Paws" by Chloe), made coffee, and went into the studio for some clay time. Way long overdue. It has been weeks!

It was a mess from some glazing last week. So I started to clean & organize.

And here in my clay studio, I found a tray of pendants I have been desperately looking for for a few weeks. You see - in here are pieces I have photographed and they supposed to have made it into my Etsy stock trays in my office. I had a handful of these for sale & actually sold a couple - And.Could.Not.Find.Them.Anywhere!

Now they are safely where they should be. In Etsy stock trays. Phew!

I had even gotten to the point of remaking them - but had this happen (there was a change in the glaze formula since I made the originals - figures. Oh. Well...)

I posted these onto my Marsha Neal Studio FB page & got some good feedback about these pieces. Happy Accident? It is fused to clay so I am not worries about it coming off. But because it was not what I had intended - there is a part of my brain that keeps fighting this. And there are people out there that try to get results like this - crazy glaze effects. Maybe there IS more than what my brain wants to accept right now.

Then there are these from the same firing. I adore this patina glaze...

And I love those squatty pumpkins soon to be showing up at local orchards & garden centers (Cinderella pumpkins). I think I may attempt to glaze some of these with those in mind...

All in all - I think today is starting off excellent by finding those lost pieces & being able to get that order into the mail (I had intentions on going down & making more replacement pieces this morning). But instead, went and found some unexpected meditative clay time...

Let's see where this week goes...

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  1. I hope this week proves to be fabulous for you honey!

  2. Well, it looks like it started out well. Hopefully it will just get better.

  3. I hope things start to get better. I do like the patina glaze. I can relate to hunting for things. Sometimes I can spend an hour looking for a set of beads that I know I have and I have been known to have to run down something that I got an order for too.

  4. Maybe you're turning the corner now. I'm so sorry about your loss - I've had several in the past 2 1/2 years and am not enjoying cycling through the various stages of grief. I even got a questionnaire from Hosopice since it's been a year since the last death, and the questions on it are not even remotely pertinent to what's going on in my life, or in my head. These times when nothing seems to go right, nothing seems to fit. . . .are not enjoyable to go through, but for me they always seem to be the beginning of some sort of different direction. Hoping that's how things will turn out for you.

  5. Marsha, you're just told the story of my life; Missing things, glaze challenges, health problems, family crisis, just a little bit of everything. Sometimes, we need to take things one HOUR at a time! Just Live in this moment! Stay Focused, savor it, and try to enjoy it, because that is all we have!

  6. I know what it is like when the world goes nuts and you are only along for the ride! Sending hugs!!!!!!

  7. Oh and just to let you know those ghosts are awesome!!!!!

  8. I am so glad that this week is starting off better for you. You so deserve a great week..month..year.


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