Sunday, September 9, 2012

Silk Ribbon For Wrapped Bracelets

It always seems to take me a while to focus and get things to look the way I want them to look. I need to remember marketing when photographing (not just doing a product shoot).

One thing I have wanted to do is update the first image on my Silky & Fairy Ribbon listings in my Etsy shop. So many people are looking for silk ribbons for making simple wrapped bracelets.

My wrist is about 7" (inches) and these all wrap around completely four times, and tie on the fifth wrap (tie then tuck the ribbon ends under to wear).

And the skinny 2mm silks can be braided, used for Kumihimo braiding, knotting or just simply layered.

They are color fast. Hand washable (use a mild soap). And won't fade if stored out of direct sunlight.

These are so much fun to wear (and not to mention "silky" soft)...

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