Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beware: Marsha is in the kitchen!

Oh there are days where I wish I paid a bit more attention.
Like... anything pertaining to aiding my concentration and cooking skills.

I think that I may be spoiled...
running computerized electric kilns...
has it ruined my brain?

Truth be told, it is just the oven/stove I have issues with.
And the oven has a timer,
So I really have no excuse to burn anything while cooking...
Like these 1 hour crossants:

I have this habit with stove top cooking:
I get it from my dad as I found out recently...
Just put it on high, and it will cook faster...
Ok - not so much...

It will burn faster.
(extra scrubbing for later)

Boil over faster.
(plan on scrubbing that ceramic cook top often)

Overcook faster.
(plan on eating well cooked veggies)

Melt some of Chloe's stuff.
(steralizing has a new meaning when it gets that hot and forgotten about!)
I need to make sure that when I get side tracked,
Like taking pictures out in the garden,
Gathering monarch caterpillars for my sister's science class,
That I remember the stove/oven is on...
and unlike my computerized kilns,
the stove/oven doesn't know when to shut off.
*Also, for those of you out there thinking that the kiln is not fool proof - you're right. Always remember to keep an eye on that baby too - make sure that you have a backup for automatic shutoff to avoid over firing...


  1. hehe, lol! I'm basically the same way. You're probably a better cook than I! Heck, I don't even cook most of the time. The kitchen gets used as my personal clay studio now! And you know creative crafty people are notorious for not being very handy in the kitchen. We eat out alot. I like your blog. I've been a fan of your pendants since I join Beads-of-Clay about a year ago.

  2. At a very quick glance I was really questioning what you were taking photo's of...then I took a closer look!

    Baby is beautiful!
    Hope all is well!

    Lisa Peters


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