Saturday, September 27, 2008

Comfort in Friends & Foods

I love hanging out with friends!!!

My friend Kim from AspenWear and Jenny from Jenny Davies-Reazor (see side blog bar) have both been to visit in the last week. And usually our hanging out visits consist of eating or having coffee at some point. We always have so much fun catching up and talking - and watching how funny Chloe can be. And now that my kilns are in "fix me limbo" and I feel like a sinking ship because of it - which will hopefully end soon enough... and the weather is damp, very humid, and yucky outside - muggy cool actually - which makes you feel so gross & oily... Well, it makes me want to cuddle up to some comfort food.

So it got me thinking - I want to share some recipies for some yummy healthier foods (so trying to loose some of this extra weight - I'm down 15-20 of my 60lbs to lose). And I'm going to be posting them on this blog - hopefully monthly. So if anyone has recipies to share - post them as a comment to that month's recipe.

Oh, and Jenny - you ROCK! I appreciate your taking some pieces & getting them fired for me so I don't fall too behind with orders!

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