Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moving Forward by Looking Back

In my recent home and studio clean up attempts, I have started getting myself in order. My entire basement studio area has become a pile of "one day I'll get to that stuff".
I started making my porcelain pendant pieces back in 2002. This summer I rediscovered some of these original treasures in a bag, in a box, on a shelf, in the basement - just waiting to be found (they have been hiding since the studio move 3 years ago). And I am truely inspired to enter into that creative period again.

Looking at these reminds me of how detail obsessed I've become about shapes, edges, holes, glazing... And maybe how I can try to loosen up and have fun creating again...

I will be making some limited pieces (basically my experimental and really fun pieces to make) that I will only sell as they are. I have my porcelain pendant catalog which I will expand with some shapes, new textures and colors - but I don't want to corner myself into being the production queen as I have in the last few years. I find that I get into a zone when working on my pendants - it's so comfortable - like meditation. I'm in that I need to spice it up a bit mode.
These limited pieces will be sent to Darlene (she runs my Marsha Neal Studio bead show tables), bead shops (brick & mortar stores - to help make sure they remain open!), and a few here and there on my website - to my email newsletter recepients only (as a thanks for being so cool as to receive updates from me!). Want to get my newsletter? Sign up here:

I also have some pieces that are inspired by my mom that I will use the monies to dedicate a room at the Tristate Bird Rescue (they are expanding soon) to her memory. See the FahFah story...
More on how to help me donate a room to her memory coming soon. But for now, check out their website:

And a little FYI: if you have issues biting your fingernails - go volunteer at a bird rescue place... After I volunteered here for a bit back in college - I immediately was aware of sticking my fingers into my mouth - birds are so messy and their poo is everywhere... Yuck!

The work that they do there is invaluable and I enjoy Birds so much every day...

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  1. Marsha, Nice to read your blog; happy creating; I look forward to the new work!!! Want to hear more about tye bird sanctuary. Hope the B' Ham wedding went well.
    Just returned from NY; had a splendid time with granddaughter.
    Joan T Off Center


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