Saturday, September 6, 2008

The FahFah Story

It all began when I was a very young girl. My mom would give me crayons to color on our bedroom walls. I used to love to lay on the bottom bunk (my older sister always got the top bunk...) up against the wall and just draw very little things. This drawing was called FahFah. I don't know why - but I guess that shows how little I was because I couldn't really pronounce words well.

I remember always drawing at night when I was supposed to be going to sleep - doodling by the nightlight right at my mattress level. Ok - notes to parents - nightlights at mattress level isn't the smartest thing - the baby blanket that I have shows that they can catch on fire or melt through... Nothing major though and it was patched up quite nicely by my grandmom!

Anyway, when I started making the porcelain pendants my mom used to ask me when I was going to make a FahFah series... I would always say - yeah mom... one day I'll get that one figured out and I would just kind of laugh it off. Well, my mom is no longer here to ask me that question, and I haven't really been making anything new in the last few years. So I took a few hours one evening just the other day and started to work. I didn't have anything in mind, but I knew that I just needed to work.

Good music (shake your booty playlist on my i-pod), coffee, and a bag of clay were what I had. I was reintroducing myself to clay. After a few hours I happened upon ways to make pendants (with holes & wire loops) and cabochons that were heavily textured, free form and just wonderful to make. I achieved the texture by doodling onto the clay surface with a rubber tip tool. This doodling reminded me of what FahFah used to be. Nothing in particular - just drawing lines... and lines... and lines.

So with all that I have been going through in my lifetime, I believe that there are signs everywhere and you have to be aware of them to find the joy in them. You have got to look on the positive side of life. My mom, even though she isn't here taught me when I was very young that it was ok to color with crayons on the wall. That there need be no point to it other than just enjoying it. And that now as an adult and a mother myself, that I can find that place that I can freely express myself and try new things, and allow my daughter to do the same (with in bounds of course... can't have her going to other people's houses and coloring all over their walls...).

So this FahFah series is something that I will make as they are. The monies from the sale of these pieces will be going to help out different organizations and charities. The first is the TriState Bird Rescue Annex. I want to have a room dedicated to her memory. So I'm going to work on the details very soon and get information up on my website and this blog about the progress of this venture. I've got $2,500 to $5,000 to raise (I can make 3 payments, one over each of the next 3 years). I'll get that decided soon...

It's kindof funny too - when I look at them, they somewhat remind me of bird nests - so it is extra appropriate for this donation... hmmm... another sign?


  1. Marsha, Love this new direction. I added you to my blogroll at new newsy blog.

    I am adding stories and updates on beady friends and their adventures.

    Hope to see you a show in near future. Joan T

  2. You're really making me think I should let my kids draw on their walls. You make a really good point, why not.

    Make sure you see your post on Art Bead Scene!

  3. These are very pretty.

    Our son has drawn on large portions of our basement cement floor. I will be sad whenever we finish the basement - or maybe we won't need carpeting!

  4. I love the FAW FAW pendants so many projects I could use these with, they are perfect !! Keep up the good work ! Peace DebraDezinez

  5. Great story! And wonderful pendants! Welcome to BLOG land!

  6. What a wonderful story and a great way to remember your mom. She would be very proud! I bought one of your beautiful pendants at the Tucson show (I think you had just had your baby). Nicely written! I hope to be able to support your cause.

  7. Your Mom - creative genius? Gaurdian angel of nurturing creativity? I cant wait til Chloe-girl gets crayons! I like the new pieces, but even more I am thrilled to hear of your hands in clay, playing, enjoying. It truly is meditative and soul-fulfilling. I raise my coffee to toast your new line!


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