Monday, August 16, 2010

New Pieces Revealed...

I have just put Riley down for his morning nap (please let it be a long one!) and unloaded my kiln from Saturday night firing.

And I wanted to give you a peek:

Ok, these pieces have been sitting for a year (maybe 2) in the I have not a clue how to finish them pile. This pile (plastic shoe bin really) is to receive some finish other than my normal textural glazes...

I wanted something that would make them look... Earthy. Dingy. Old. Natural. Organic. And something cool to look at (that - "oh, let me look at those" as someone grabs at it to see the colors and textures up close.

And all the while meeting my need to have the piece smooth enough and colors captured enough to be "worry-free wearable".

This shot above has one of the pieces turned over... Double-sided-yummy-crusty...

I spent the entire day on Sat working in the studio doing more glaze tests. I am getting ready for three things: my BOC 3rd Friday Glaze post, BeadFest next weekend, and placing a huge glaze order with Coyote Clay for more glazes.

Fall is right around the corner and I feel like I'm about to hit my stride...

Let's see what makes it to Etsy & Beadfest... Hmmm...

-- Pictures Taken With & Posted From My iPhone


  1. Nice iPhone pics for the post! LOVING the textures AND the colors!

  2. organic and crusty- I love them! See you Friday!

  3. I have GOT to try some of those Coyote glazes... they look FABULOUS! Love the bats! What the heck, I love them ALL!

  4. liking the testures, organic look/feel


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