Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Treasury That I Created...

I am excited to share with you a blog post that I wrote over on the Delaware Etsy Street Team Blog on my first ever Etsy Treasury I created tonight (um - like - I am up way too late. It is considered early now - oops!)

It's called: Dreaming of Delaware Romance. It features work exclusively from the DE Etsy Street Team Members.

So what do you think? How did I do? Honesty Please...
If you follow through to the link to the Etsy page, would you leave me a comment there?
You can comment here if you have suggestions to offer (I am asking too much, I know…)

If you have always wanted to create a Treasury, but never knew where to start (like me) click on that blog post for the DEST and follow the directions at the end of the post.

You guys/gals are the best!!!


  1. Very pretty Treasury! They are so fun to do.

  2. you did a beautiful job! and i really love how you are pulling your blogs together - it does present the full life of you and all of your facets... your love of gardening plays a role in your designs - and of course, your love for your mom... all a part of the marsha we are getting to know... would you smile if i told you that i was up at 4am reading your very late/early post?

  3. It is wonderful Marsha.....that's alot of work putting one together!!! Great job!!

  4. Thanks for the comments… I am feeling a bit more confident and pulled back together these days. Although all the excitement and caffeine has me going a million miles a second… Oh, to slow down next week!

    MJ - you are too funny… I think we must be on the same schedule & shared brainwave sometimes! I almost just considered staying up and not getting that three hour nap in.


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