Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Space Between and Artoo (Zentangle)

Here is my combination entry for Laura Harm's "I Am The Diva CZT" Blog Challenges for

I have been trying hard to do so many things that I have felt a little out of balance.
The ideas that I had for drawing a tangle for Artoo (the nickname for Laura's tangle dedicated to her son & which is his blog name as well - her other son is Chewie… LOVE IT!)

It took me leaving the house today…
Getting a cup of soup and a beverage to find a moment of peace to draw this out.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Diane wrote a post on her blog and mentioned getting the stink eye
It has stuck in my head ever since…
I hate getting the stink eye.
I can't stand thinking and feeling guilty that it's coming my way…
And you know when it is because you know you are ignoring things that should be attended to...
Today's issue was a bit more than that, but it walks the line of it.
Which in turn made my whole day sour and anything I did just didn't work out.
Totally miserable…

So I sat in the little coffee shop and ate my lobster bisque and drew this out.
I had difficulties with leaving some blank in between spaces.
I like to fill every nook and cranny…

It was like a breathe of fresh air - sitting and drawing.
Being alone and just thinking about the paper and pen and what was happening…
A change of focus.

Hope for a better day tomorrow...


  1. Looks very Egyptian to me, like the Eye of Ra. Great ZT!

  2. Beautiful bold lines and great spaces of white!

  3. Hi Marsha, I'm new to your blog - very beautiful artwork. I used to do clay - tons of fun! Your challenge piece for this week is wonderful.

  4. Looks fishy to me! I love that your drawings reflect the inner workings of your mind, like this had to come out of you to breathe a sigh of relief. And white space is actually good. I designed a bracelet with large open links that I suppressed my urge to fill. I hope that you have a clearer focus after your time to yourself! Enjoy the day!

  5. Awesome design! But now you have me craving lobster bisque. :p

  6. Hi Marsha, That is a great drawing. Love it. Hope to see it on a bead soon. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I love Diane's espression of "stink eye." But don't like when it happens either. Glad you were able to get some quiet time for you.

  7. Thanks everyone… I forgot to mention something else that got stuck in my head - a blip from the news that was on the TV in the coffee shop: Olivia Newton John and John Travolta were singing the "better shape up" song from the ending scene of Grease… Hope that doesn't get stuck in your head now too - like the craving for lobster bisque. Oops…


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