Tuesday, February 8, 2011


No picture. Just words.

Words trying to describe feelings…

Feelings of the excitement of "new"…

Like the rush of too much coffee (ok - so I am on my 2nd pot of my little 4-cupper).

Master Gardeners Accepted me into their Program for 2011!!!

I have been granted the position of Captain of the Delaware Etsy Street Team!

The Etsy symposium today was INSPIRATIONAL. I brought away from it - get your butt together, and FOCUS. Think things through. Write stuff down. Then throw everything you have at your shop. Make it you…

I am bringing all my blogs into one main blog. Bringing all those pieces of me together. Figuring if you are reading my blog, you are probably interested in me as an artist, not just my work. I know when I read other blogs - I love the funny, the inspiration, the struggle, the every day, the exciting, the weird, the truth, the stories… And I have all that. I have that to share. I don't want you to have to have a map to navigate it all…

So I've changed things up a bit here - do you like the layout so far? Any input? How is the flow? Is all in one place the way it should be?

Becoming a captain, a leader of sorts.
Woah - that is weird - a leader…
I think of the position more of a cheer leader - an encouraging, somewhat-understanding-take-no-crap-excuses, inspiring source of "fire under your tush" to get your motivated to move yourself, your art, and your shop forward by educating myself then sharing with you…
Also the person to gather ideas for the group from the group and make things happen. To encourage members of the team to step up and do things on their own for the group and for themselves. To take things forward - together...

And so far, I'm liking the group. There are a lot of busy, busy people out there. But little by little, we will be a community that becomes more like family to each other…

I would love your feedback on how you think I'm doing. And any suggestions for improvement...


  1. Go Marsha, GO!! The blog looks fantastic! I need to clean mine up a bit as well, so consider yourself my inspiration! :)

  2. Yeah, Marsha! You can do this! You will be good at this and I think trying to consolidate as much as possible is a good move. I like hearing about you and what you are up to.

  3. I like hearing what you are up to. The blog looks great, bright and cheery. Congrats!!!

  4. You are doing a great job at everything you are working on! Thanks for being the Delaware Street Team Captain! I like the FOCUS idea. That is what it takes!

  5. I think the new blog layout looks great and I LOVE that you're combining your blogs together. That's normally why I follow artists' blogs --> so I can get to know them better as a person. :)

    Do you feel like you're on a roller coaster? I do. Slowly climbing up the first and tallest hill. Some big changes are coming my way and I'm simultaneously excited and terrified to see how they play out.

  6. I am thrilled with the one blog/many facets of Marsha approach! Rock on! Like the new look, clean and bright. Suggestion: Could the garden and My Mom Pattie blogs be tabs at the top - alongside "About Marsha" ? Then they might be easier to distinguish from the badges for Etsy Flickr, etc. Just a thought.

  7. You all are awesome! I think it's the light backgrounds and that green paper on my Etsy featured items up there… I'm really loving those papers for photos!

    Really - your comments mean so much to me - all of you! I will read them all again later tonight when I am "not sleeping" again and doing some updates.

    Y'all Rock!!!


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