Monday, February 14, 2011

W is for White, Weddings and Winter...

Have you ever been asked to make jewelry for someone for their wedding?
I have. And for me it comes with a range of emotions starting with excited, then honored sets in, ideas are thrown about, photos of dresses are looked at.
Then the - oh, crap! questions & doubts start to come up (all in my head of course)...
Will my design sense and know how be good enough? 
What about supplies? 
Better get one of everything in "white" since I only seem to have silver. 
And grayish silver at that, not white silver… Darn! 
Leslie!!! (from Twisted Sistah Beads & Fibers) - HELP!!!
I need more seed beads!
Then the fall back: Well, if they don't like it, I guess they can go buy something pre-made from the store or better yet a boutique that carries handmade jewelry like this handmade sterling silver, pearl and rhinestone head piece...
I do not consider myself a "jewelry designer" as much as I do a "bead maker" and "jewelry maker".
I can whip some stuff up, but it takes a lot of inspiration and practice with various techniques.

So why this post? I've been thinking about posting it since last summer when I was asked to make some wedding jewelry for my aunt (I did a simple strung necklace & dangly earring set - no pics - oops!) which was perfect for her style and dress. And I really enjoyed making it. Casting all doubts aside once I got to the making part and was able to hone in on what it meant to my aunt and uncle to have something handmade just for them for their special day...
Silk bundle #0 Almost White Color Palette.
And for those of you in need of some "white" silks for a wedding, baptism, etc jewelry project - I added some bundles to the silk section of my Etsy Shop that have (1) 2mm, (1) Silky Ribbon, and (1) Fairy Ribbon. 
Perfect for trying out the different kinds of silks in any of the 75 colors I carry in my Etsy shop or Website.
If you want "white" pick the #0 Almost White (trust me - these are as white, as un-dyed silk gets).
I think these ribbons are perfect to hand a small pendant from.
And often, these ceremonies have heirloom pieces of jewelry that are passed down…
That may need just a little something different 

It is now winter. The end of it I hope…
Goodbye cold blustery days…
Really - good bye! I want to see green again…

I have enjoyed some of the photos taken outside in my frozen, decaying garden like this one:
Marsha Neal Studio photo altered through Instagram iPhone app.
But really - I am ready for spring weather and gardening…
I am ready to grow my brain within the Master Gardeners Program starting in March…
And apply what I learn to my garden to really learn about it, then share with others.

I hope to be glazing all week long.
I have some deadlines upon me and a new glaze order arriving any day now (counting 10 days overdue from the original "delivery date" - darn blizzard in Oklahoma stalling UPS…)
So hopefully no posts here, just photos on my Facebook page with my progress.
Riley has a stomach bug, so unless he is 100% tomorrow, he will be home with me all day and I'll be getting nothing done in the studio…


  1. Timely. I am working with a bride on a summer wedding. We are doing some wirework and crystals that are reminiscent of her dress detail. And the bridesmaids will be getting some simple and stunning jewelry with wire and crystals as well. I am looking forward to it and just got the materials last week. I should not procrastinate though. I should get right on it!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hey Marsha, It's Grace from the drawing lab, making a quick swoop through some blogs. Couldn't believe you were talking about wedding jewelry, as I just did a long post about being asked to make three bridal pieces with less than three days to do it! (Warning: it's long, as all my posts tend to be: It's a special coincidence that you posted about it on Feb 14, since that was my brother's wedding date! Hope all is good with you. See ya back in Jeannie's, lab!


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