Saturday, April 9, 2011

Earrings - Have You Seen Them?

Have You Seen These???
You can vote for them if you want until April 15, 2011.
If you have seen me in the last couple of weeks, I have probably been wearing them, and chances are, you've seen them...
They are super long and dangly!
Which somehow makes it seem "fun" to wear them. 
Do you have "fun" earrings?
Or are your earrings just "pretty"?
Maybe it is the way they bump against everything - my hair, neck & shoulders.
When weeding for the MG Native Plant Garden: 
"oh, hello there long dangly earrings - I can see you!"
They have not gotten stuck (one thing I was testing for) in sweaters or hair - which I totally expected it to do with the way the surface of the pieces appear. 
Shows they are rough looking, but looks can be deceiving.
My winter jacket pictured in the first photo - well, that collar is high, and they have gotten tucked in between it and my neck when it's zipped up. 
That annoyance gives me more reason to want warmer weather here:
I want to wear dangly fun earrings!!!

Here is what I used to design these earrings:
Joanne Zekowski Glass Beads
I just saw Joanne yesterday at Bead Fest Wire in Philadelphia and picked up these (some will be making an Etsy shop appearance paired up with some of my chocolate shards):
In 2011 Joanne will be out at Bead & Button in Milwaukee, Bead Fest Philadelphia and a few trunk shows… 
But no website, so get them when you can!

I used a set of my chocolate clay shards - the ones that I have will be listed in my Etsy shop under the "shards" section. 
I call them "toggle bars" because the hole is in the middle & they could be used as toggles in your necklace design if you wanted:

And some seed beads and Vintaj brass pieces and 20ga - 22ga vintage brass wire (also from Vintaj).

By the way - I entered this pair of earrings into the monthly Vintaj Blog challenge for "Woodland Blush" - They are #13 over on the voting blog post.
Voting is open 4/11/11 to 4/15/11… 
Not that you have to vote for my pieces or anything - vote for your favorite.
I am just proud of myself that I actually sat down and made a pair of earrings - that are very wearable & fun - from some new and some old bead stash that I've been hoarding for YEARS!
If I could reach it, I would be patting myself on the back.
So I'll just see if maybe we can go out for Mexican Food for dinner instead (yum!)

Bead Fest Wire is going on this weekend in Philadelphia.
You can get my different clay shards from Darlene of D7Studio in Booth #302.
And find Joanne all the way on the other side wall - totally opposite of where Darlene is.

Also, while you are shopping there at Darlene's table (OMG - you should see the great stuff she is carrying now!!!) stop and say Hi to Kelly Russell of BeadFuddled! She is there selling her fabulous pieces, components and new handmade nuno felt. 
Drool, drool, drool…

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great earrings, I like long dangle earrings, why not wear something that people can see.

  2. Fun earrings! I voted for them. :D


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