Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Etsy Shop Sale...

From now through April 20, 2011 ~ I am having a 20% off of all my clay items in my Etsy Shop!
I am just in one of those moods…
I marked the pieces down last night to the sale price...

I would love to see some extra cash flow too so I can start to buy some plants from the University of DE Ag Day Master Gardeners Tent on April 30th to help replant this area in my woods that I am trying to convert back to more native (I've pulled out a ton of invasive plants this spring) habitat.
This is just a tiny section of the area that goes from full shade mature wood edge to grass. There needs to be better transition (I'm thinking "meadow"). Also some boggy areas that want some help back there too…

So - help me out and get some great pieces for making jewelry with (or I can make them into jewelry for you!).

Don't forget that if you are one of my FaceBook Fans or have visited and commented on my April Etsy Stalker featured page - there are coupon codes for an extra 10% off. 

BONUS!!! Using the April Etsy Stalker coupon code AND making multiple comments over there on my page gets you entered into extra drawings for the month! $40 gift certificate drawings - 2 of them!!!

Pass it on and have at it!


  1. hi's been a long time looks like you are doing good...your web-site looks soooooo good as well as all your the color on the
    "hibiscus flower" pendent...

  2. Fabulous idea - have to make time to shop!

  3. Thanks! I just unloaded a kiln tonight too and hope to get some of the pieces photographed by Monday to throw up into my Etsy shop as well...

  4. Marsha, i got your comment on my blog about donating jewelery to my Aunt's Breast Cancer fundraiser. I'm not sure of your email address, can you send it to me? lauraharmz [at] gmail [dot] com

    i will send my aunt to your Etsy site in the meantime.

    Thanks again, i was just saying to my husband that sometimes people are just so nice. I continue to be blown away.

  5. Hope your sale went well! Ag Day 2011 looks lovely.


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