Thursday, April 28, 2011

Side Tracked, But Still Here...

Do you ever feel like you can't just keep up, and you've got to pick through things that you let slide a bit?
I think I'm going to be in that place through the end of May… 
By then, I'll be another year older.
I will be turning 36 - the point where I am in my 30's - but on the other half, closer to 40. Ok, that just looks weird typing it out like that (do you ever have one of those moments?)

One of the thing I am not letting slide...
And the other…
No matter if he is learning to drive - through my gardens.
They will grow back...
Poor little guy is going to have to go to the Dr. tomorrow morning to get his eyes checked out.
He has had swollen sinuses (just look at how tired he looks - he isn't) and oozing eyes.
Some sort of infection (it's yellow ooze).
Hopefully something they some antibiotics can take care of, because the ointment they gave us a couple of days ago only helped so much…

Today after my Master Gardener Training, I helped out for a few hours with plant related activities for AG Day through University of Delaware
Pictured are a bunch of the herb baskets that a lot of people helped to pull together today. 
More to do tomorrow as well as a preview plant sale (donated plants).
I made some plant/herb markers for the Silent Auction as well as for a Herb basket for the silent auction. They are double sided with a large line curls texture on the back and glazed all over.
Hopefully I will get them into my Etsy shop for taking orders.
Is there a demand or want for them?
And the light blue porcelain pendant (blood root impression) pictured above has a mate, and they were both made into pendants for two necklaces as a set going into the silent auction as well.

I've got AG Day, an exam, two different apprentice projects (one butterfly garden related idea, one shade garden idea - both focusing on using native plants), plant donations to get together for the Wilmington Flower Market, and MG plant swap next week, and that is in addition to the normal routine around the house & family. The house is a bit of a mess, but at least the family is being taken care of :)

I think I'm at least seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with where my busy times of the year are going to be as far as gardening and studio work goes…

And just FYI - if you want to get any of the clay pieces in my Etsy shop on sale - you've got until the end of the day on Saturday (4/30/11) - then they go back to regular price…
I'd love to make any of those clay pieces into a finished jewelry piece for you!

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  1. I know just how you feel about having to pick and choose what you can do and still be happy with the results. We can't do everything and that's a hard lesson learn on a daily basis. Ugh. But what is life if we can't strive for something more?

    Sorry to hear the little fellow isn't doing well. Hope he gets better soon! Both your children look so sweet.

    And love the markers and the pendants. I always dream that I'm going to have a little greenhouse room like in Practical Magic with all the plants in lovely containers with ceramic markers and magical looking wind chimes and the like.

    Good luck with all your tests and training. I bet you've got an amazing garden. Mine is still coming around from winter and slowly, slowly, slowly waking up. Can't wait till it's bursting with life. Then again... it's another reminder that time is moving too quickly.

  2. Your children and work is beautiful - and happy early B-day!

  3. Yes, I feel like there are too many balls in the air and I can't juggle them very well. I seem to have added too many things to my plate and am unable to do anything as I see some things drop uncaught, like my family blog and my bead blog and cleaning beads and my torch that has been sorely neglected for over a month. I will get around to picking them all up. Just not today.

    I LOVE the plant/herb markers you made! They would be too nice to put in my garden because I forget to tend to my herbs until it is too late. But I know they would make wonderful Christmas presents for some of my family members! And I love that your days are being filled more and more with gardening and the Master Gardener training.

    Hug and kiss those bebes of yours. Chloe and Riley are too cute!

  4. Your kids are so cute! Hope your son feels better soon. And I really love the pendants.

  5. OH noooo! I guess I missed AG Day(and the wildflower celebration at MT Cuba too). I'll bet the pendants did well in the auction ;)Happy gardening!

  6. 40 isn't that bad at all...and I just turned 42 a few days ago so I'm allowed to say that :) Turning 30 was waaaaay worse! I think it depends more on how you feel. And for me, there are still times where I expect my mom to yell at me and threaten to ground me lol

  7. Your children are as precious as your creation!

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