Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Woodland Wanderings Treasury...

I find that as I am side tracked by Etsy Circles, I create quite a collection of items that seem to "fit" together, making it almost impossible to not create a treasury.

Here is my latest…

Inspired by wonderful art that these artists have created and for the desire to want to spend lots of time outside with my little ones teaching them about nature and then watching them discover all kinds of things for themselves for the first time. And for them learning things, then explaining them to me or others that may visit our gardens and woods…

Will you travel over to Etsy and visit this treasury and some of the items contained within it?
I would love to read your comments over there if you have a moment…

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great looking treasury! That fox is really outstanding!

  2. i really love circles too - one meets so many new artists... this treasury is so wonderful... i have to make sure my kids don't see it!

  3. Hello Marsha!

    Thank you for feelin my little bunnies! You are a kind soul chiccie and I am honored that our wee paths have crossed! A big hug... Julie x

  4. I love it Marsha! I left a comment there on Etsy too.


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