Thursday, June 23, 2011

Giveaway and Studio Motivation

Do you want a chance at winning a $30 $50 Gift Certificate to my Etsy shop or Website?
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For each item you purchase today June 23 through Sunday, June 26, 2011 through:
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Why the sudden sale you might be asking?
Well - there are a number of reasons for this motivation...

Health: Need to get that elliptical unburied for Dave and myself. 
Done! Yay!
Olfactory Health: I can only take working by litter boxes for so long. 
Almost Done...
Creative Flow: no organization means frustration means no flow. 
Not Done...
Safety: I have two little ones running around the main part of the house & this stuff - even though it is in the basement, needs to be in a lockable studio area down there - out of their reach.
Accidents do happen. 
Almost Done...
Socialization: I want my friends to come over and have a place to hang out & work with me. 
Almost Done…
The above picture is what I have to look forward to going to to work in (not very inspirational).
So this sale will hopefully bring in some monies so I can go out and get new chair and something to use to cover up that horrible hole in the wall (the crawlspace).
It is the back room-studio area where I have all kinds of shelves with boxes and storage for my jewelry making supplies (and all kinds of other craft supplies).
But it is all "stored". 
That's just not going to do anymore.
So I've kept some words from my friend Jenny Davies-Reazor in my head this afternoon:
"Work with What you Have…"
I have stopped my head from thinking about moving this and that, and sorting this first, then making a plan. 
Forget it - that is just a level of procrastination for me.
Jump both feet in and bring the iPhone just incase one gets stuck, needs music, or wants to take photos of progressions being made for ones blog - that has been neglected for a while...
Oh man - this looks like crap!
I need a good dose of pretty down there…
Please help me out! 
Yes - that was an extremely tired, frustrated, yet could be potentially turned around to giddy excitement way of asking for help. 
I think I'll be adding an extra surprise in each shipment too for this special clean-up and re-organizational event…

Many beautiful things will be coming out of this space…
I can feel it!


  1. Oh, dear organisation is definitely one of my least favorite things to do. But it will be so worth it when you get it done. You will feel so inspired!

  2. I can't wait to see your progress! I am in a jumble up to my eyes in my studio and am hoping you inspire me to get on it! : )


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