Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reviewing Through Photos

I love having a good phone camera. It allows me to be a complete slacker here on this blog or journaling, record keeping, whatever in that category - because I have a visual timeline. Yes I need more memory to keep these, but I'm ok with that.

So here is where I've been in the last month (and a bit beyond that):
Finished my 12 week training completed my required hours (although I am by no means close to being done with volunteer hours & advanced training for this year) and I am now a New Castle County, DE Master Gardener. Pretty good feeling...
Aphid Mummies: Makes me think about something Indiana Jones related...
Saw some interesting things through MG Training Classes.
Got to have fun with my new Hipstamatic film & lens (Salvador 84 & Dream Canvas) at the UD Botanical Gardens.
Spending time here in the Native Plants Teaching Garden.
A weekend at the Beach, early morning stroller walk with Riley and my other new Hipstamatic Lens & Film (Buckhorst H1 and Cano Cafenol).
Thought this was a great image for the "rapture day"…
Like the earth was shaking or something.
Hipstamatic again (Salvador 84 & DreamCanvas).
And Loving Riley's hair - it's so wire-y and straight - the styles are hysterical sometimes.
Taking time to show my little ones how to treat nature with respect (even this tent caterpillar gets some love from Chloe and me).
And having fun with my new birthday present. Yes - I did in fact really want a wheel barrow…
One day she'll be big enough to push me around in it.
Had a few realizations about life and where some of my off the cuff frustration comes from:
1. Coffee filters are played with by Riley.
2. Wrinkled coffee filters = coffee grinds in pot.
3. Sipping in coffee grinds can ruin a good cup of coffee & throw off my creative mood.
So - keep wrinkled ones on top of good ones so Riley just can keep wrinkling that wrinkled one.
Also realized that if you go through your wallet and remove a bunch of those frequent buyers cards and any other odd cards & crap that accumulates - you can actually snap it closed and fit in into your bag a lot easier without it feeling like a pair of jeans that are too tight.
These are just a few of my recent head smacking - duh - moments.
But when things are overwhelming, fixing just a couple of these little annoyances makes a huge difference with daily moods. 
It's like dropping 10 pounds of emotional baggage in just a few adjustments.
And I spent some time with members of my dad's side of the family - it's been YEARS since we've all gotten together. Way too long! I love this picture of Dave and Riley with everyone in the background…
And words cannot describe how awesome it felt to meet a few fellow Delaware Etsians for a photo shoot opportunity. I'll be posting about that whole event very soon - this one photo is just a sneak peek into the shoot. I think having professional photos with models will help with the look and feel of my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy shop & the My Mom Pattie Etsy shop
Efforts over time will tell...


  1. Love all these peeks into your life!!! I'm with you on the coffee thing!!

  2. Great to catch up on your life Marsha. Looks like you are having lots of enjoyable family time. Love hearing about it.


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