Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bonus Giveaway #1 Post and Round 2 Silk Color Palette Challenge Directions!

Marsha Neal Studio Presents: Silk Color Palette Challenge
This is a quick blog post for three main things:
1. WINNER OF $50 MNS Clay Gift Certificate from Round 1 palettes purchased.
2. Bonus Giveaway #1 Post (June 12 to June 21)
3. Round 2 of the Silk Color Palette Challenge Directions

THE WINNER OF THE $50 Clay Gift Certificate:
Erin Prais-Hintz by purchasing this listing:

Thank You To everyone that purchased the 2mm Silk Knot Bundles during Round 1 of the Silk Color Palette Challenge! 
Out of 25 palettes purchased through my Etsy shop and website, the winner picked is #7.
Numbers were assigned to each bundle palette purchased in order of date/time.

BONUS GIVEAWAY #1 (This Post!):
Getting Ready for Start of Round 2
From Tuesday, June 12 through Thursday, June 21, 2012 comment on this blog post for any of the following things, and I will pick a random commenter to win a (10) silk strand: 2mm Silk Knot Bundle of their choice on Friday, June 22, 2012.

1. Share info on this Silk Color Palette Challenge socially (Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, etc) 
Then comment for every time you do it here on this post!
The more you share and comment, the more chances you will get!

2. Grab the Silk Color Palette Challenge Button and post it on your blog sidebar then comment below.
If you already have it up from Round 1, just comment below.
Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge
<div align="center"><a href="http://marshanealstudio.blogspot.com/p/silk-color-palette-challenge.html" title="Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yQH34UzCJBw/T0vKVPrfyYI/AAAAAAAAD5k/_VUj9WTwxeM/s1600/Silk+Color+Palette+Challenge+Marsha+Neal+Studio+2012.jpg" alt="Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Directions for Round 2: How to participate.

Find an image that inspires you (be aware of copyright issues if you are going to use a copy of the image in your blog about your inspiration and please give proper credit, get permission, or don't use that image) and pull the colors visually from that image that you are drawn to. Or if you just want to simply pick out up to 10 colors that you think look awesome together - go for it!

Look at the colors of my silks from my Flickr photo set and pick a palette of 10 total 2mm silk ribbon strands (whatever color combination you want, but no more than 10 total silks) that you feel you are inspired by that image to gather up.

Wednesday, June 13 to Sunday, June 17, 2012, link up your palette image to the Inlinkz gadget on the June 13 blog post.
Be creative and make something like the photo mosaic below (I used the free Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker, set up 3x2 square photos, then copied the individual silk color image URLs from my flickr 2012 MNS Silk Palette Flickr set, and put it into the Big Huge Labs mosaic maker. You could select the number of rows and columns that fit your palette.) so you have an image of your silk palette for the "voting" part of these challenges. You will have to save your palette image as a jpg to use it to connect to my next challenge if you want in on the voting to become one of the 12 finalists to have their palette pulled and put up for sale. 

Don't forget to give your palette a name that can be used to identify it's unique qualities through this next round... And you can use the extra spaces for the Marsha Neal Studio 2012 Silk Color Palette Challenge square image in my Flickr Set. If you want to leave a blank square for yourself to edit in your palette name - that is fine too - be CREATIVE!!!
Marsha Neal Studio Stormy Waters Silk Color Palette Example of Mosaic Maker and Flickr photos.
***If you do not submit your palette before midnight EST on Sunday, June 17th - your palette cannot be added. The Inlinkz gadget will be set up well ahead of time, and will run as scheduled. Please submit yours as early as possible to avoid any technical difficulties. Do not wait until the last minute to submit and have issues, as I will not be available to help you out last minute (I will hopefully be asleep at midnight).

Voting is open from Monday, June 18, 2012 to Thursday, June 21, 2012 (Midnight EST).
The final 12 palettes are picked:
   1 entry chosen by Marsha.
   1 entry chosen by a special guest.
   1 entry from the artist with the most palettes sold from previous challenge:
     (Congrats Kim Roberts!)
   1 entry picked randomly from the remaining 11 previous months finalists that sold at least 1 palette:
     (Congrats Catherine Pruitt!).
   8 entries will be from votes cast on the entered palettes (top 8 most voted for after any of the above).

*If your palette gets picked in the final 12 palettes, I will pull your 10 silks and photograph them for you so you can use that image to help sell more of your palettes. Then you can get as creative as you want with marketing, challenges, reselling, etc, and you can get free stuff depending on how many of your bundle sell through my Website and Etsy shop. Naming your palette and giving a back story is always a great way to add more "romance" to your palette to help them sell.

*Please don't vote multiple times for yourself. It takes the fun out of challenges like this. By all means, vote at least 1 time for yourself. But overall - vote for your favorites!

*Only 1 palette per person may be submitted. If you want to change up your palette during the "link up your palette phase 6/13 to 6/17" you may do so by deleting your first palette, then adding the new one (look for the little red "X" by your submission, that only you can see. That deletes your submission).


  1. I'm going to try to participate in this challenge this time. I've never tried it before. And I'd love to win some of your silks.

  2. Just tweeted about this challenge and post. http://twitter.com/KayzKreationz

  3. I just posted the button to the sidebar on my blog. I am proud to advertise such colorful and beautiful inspiration!

  4. Already when I heard of the first round, I thought this sounded like such a fun challenge -- one I just had to get in on. Hope to be able to put together a palette for this round (busy season).

    I've added the button to my blog now. (I've also scheduled a post on the challenge for my other blog, but that isn't published until tomorrow so I'll add a new comment when the post goes live.)

  5. Just tweeted again about the challenge and am now trying to figure out how to upload my palette.

  6. Just posted the button to my blog. On the left side. http://KayzKreationz.blogspot.com

  7. The button is on my blog :) (and as it is the 13th I created my palette and posted it, I hope I did it right!)

  8. I shared the Silk Color Palette Challenge on my blog, http://whistlingraven.blogspot.com/

  9. I shared the Silk Color Palette Challenge on my pinterest! https://pinterest.com/whistlingraven/jewelry-and-beads/

  10. I shared the button on my blog, http://whistlingraven.blogspot.com/

  11. What fun! I love combining colors so much. I will have to try this challenge (the challenge will be the technology, not choosing from the lovely silks).

  12. I have added the Color Challenge button onto my blog - it took me awhile to figure it out, but I did it!

  13. Just posted to my facebook page, http://facebook.com/KayzKreationzGlassKreationz

  14. Also posted on my personal facebook page.

  15. This is my first challenge like this. I hope I don't mess anything up. I posted this on my facebook group Polymer Clay Collective. I will go do a blog post now.

  16. Phew, ok, looks like a lot for me to learn. I'm going to start by sharing on facebook - www.facebook.com/APolymerPenchant

  17. I've got a pin here

  18. Pretty little button now present and proud!

  19. I added the button to my side bar (but I need to spend some quality time with Blogger). One day, I will be proficient at this blogging stuff. http://inspiredadornments.blogspot.com/

  20. Now, the socia Media sharing thing - I have that DOWN!

  21. Posted on my blog and my facebook page.

  22. I tweeted it today! (@CraftyHope)

  23. I added the button to my sidebar!! (CraftyHope.blogspot.com)

  24. I shared the giveaway on my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/CraftyHopeJewelry)

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  26. Posted the giveaway/challenge on my FB page!

  27. Forgot to post about blogging 'bout it on my other blog too.

    (And AARRRGH I forgot to make a palette!!! And such a long wait until the next round. Poor me....)

  28. Just tweeted about the voting and palettes. http://twitter.com/KayzKreationz

  29. Posting to my fb groups about voting for favorite palettes.

  30. Tweeted again about the challenge and voting.

  31. Tweeted again to remind people about the voting ending today.

  32. Posted to my facebook personal page to get people voting.

  33. Posted to my facebook business page to get people voting.

  34. You all ROCK!!! So out of the 35 comments here sharing the news about this challenge - Random.org picked commenter #6. Congrats KayzKreationz!!! You get to pick out one of the (10) 2mm silk knot bundles of your choice!


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