Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime Braided Bracelet Palettes

I remember always carrying a tin of embroidery thread with me in the summer time as a kid.
My favorite colors were any of the rich rainbow tones + black.
Peacock and Magenta were my favorites...

So last weekend, we took a quick family overnight trip to the beach.
On the way out the door, I grabbed my two bags of Round 1 and Round 2 color palettes (24 in total) and used the hour and a half drive to satisfy my inner child's desire to make these:
Top Row (L) Cat Pruitt: Color Me Coneflower
Top Row (R) Cilla Watkins: Fiesta
Middle Row (L) Erin Prais-Hintz: Sweet Succulents
Middle Row (R) Genea Crivello-Knable: Bright Delights
Bottom Row (L) Kim Roberts: Bahama Dawn
Bottom Row (R) Kristi Briggs-Harrison: Fairyland
Top Row (L) Lesley Watt: Souks of Marrakesh
Top Row (R) Marla James: Marla's Monet Palette
Middle Row (L) Melinda Orr: Sedum In Splendor
Middle Row (R) Shannon Chomanczuk: Afternoon Tea Party
Bottom Row (L) Staci Louise: Pretty Hot
Bottom Row (R) Susan Kennedy: Dinner in Tuscany
Top Row (L) Andrea Ross: In The Rain
Top Row (R) Cat Pruitt: Into The Night
Middle Row (L) Erin Prais-Hintz: Garden Party I Do!
Middle Row (R) Jennifer Justman: Pandora's Box
Bottom Row (L) Jessica Stoops: Beach Cottage
Bottom Row (R) Kathy Lindermer: Down By The River
Top Row (L) Kim Roberts: Island Hues
Top Row (R) Lee Koopman: Elven Woods
Middle Row (L) Lisa Cone: California Native
Middle Row (R) Lisa Martin: Prettiness
Bottom Row (L) Mary Harding: First Spears of Spring
Bottom Row (R) Natalie Alexander: Sweet Baby Yawns
There are a lot of other bracelet designs that I would love to try out with these silk palettes.
But with Lorelei's project "Ocean Love" fresh in my mind from the Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Book and Blog hop, I just had to try this out with the silks to see how cool they would look.

And WOW - they are super silky soft (these 2mm round silks).
I mean - really, really soft.
Not at all stiff like I remember my friendship bracelets I used to make out of cotton cord.
When doing macramé or crocheting, I have tight, even tension & always have to remind myself to relax...

And I bet if I did a wire wrapped end or used the waxed linen to secure the ends together instead of the loose wonking big temporary knot I put into these, I would get three bracelets out of each knot bundle!

Do you like the layered bracelet look?
I know I've become a bit obsessed with all the different designs out there...
I am SO excited about the potential for these.
The essential summertime simple braided bracelet is just the starting point!

Now for getting to creating a quick tutorial on how to end these to make them wearable...
Because I know I really want to start wearing them now that I've been fooling around with these samples!

Want your own silks to try this out?
Grab some from my Etsy shop or Website!
Then enter them into some of the design challenges coming up in July and August here on my blog.


  1. These silks are just gorgeous Marsha! Thanks so much for doing up the samples. It really makes it easy to see how the colors work together. Now to decide on a favorite color combo... that is truly the hardest part!

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  3. Oh, I know I want them all, Marsha... but I've managed to narrow it down a bit since I started drooling over these gorgeous colours on Monday! Would love to use them in Kumihimo once I have perfected my technique... just learned it last week courtesy of Cindy's tutorial:


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