Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13 Link Up Your Palette Post!

Welcome to the start of the Silk Color Palette Challenge: Round 2!
Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge

If you were shopping for silks to use in your next jewelry creation - what would that palette look like?
Where do you find your color inspirations for projects?
How would you choose what silks to buy?
What color palettes are you drawn to?

Do you enjoy picking out colors?
Well, NOW is your chance to pick out 10 colors of silks from the ones that I sell, and put them together in a photo mosaic and submit them to this Challenge!
It is free to submit your ONE palette of up to 10 colors of silks!
It just takes a bit of time to decide on the palette and make the photo mosaic to submit (and come up with a fun name for it!). 
And you must have it linked up in the Inlinkz gadget on this blog post by Sunday, June 17, 2012 (closes at Midnight EST). The earlier the better so you avoid technical difficulties, and the more time your palette is up on the blog, the more exposure you will get!

On Monday, June 18, 12:01am, the voting polls will open up on a new blog post.
There is a limit to 10 votes per person for this session.
Please play fair and don't use all 10 votes on your own or have your friends vote for yours 10 times.
Try to spread it out a bit and pick the ones you really do like the best!
Voting closes at Midnight on Thursday, June 21, 2012.
Winners will be announced here on June 22, 2012.

If your palette is one of the top 8 voted for - I will pull your 10 silks, photograph them, and put them up for sale in my Etsy shop and my Website.

2 other artists are already in from Round 1:
Most bundles sold in Round 1: Kim Roberts.

Random winner from previous finalists that sold at least 1 bundle - Catherine Pruitt.
1 ~ Round 2 finalist gets picked by me.
1 ~ Round 2 finalist gets picked by a special guest.

For the duration of Round 2 (June 26 - September 17, 2012) you can promote your silk palette and try to help me sell as many as possible. You can promote your palette through challenges, tutorials, giveaways, etc - whatever you can think up to help sell more of them...

The more that sell, the more chances you have at winning more silks for yourself as well as the giveaways and drawings I will be holding here on my blog.

Here are some links to get your started:

*use up to (10) of the individual silk color image addresses to upload into the mosaic maker*

*suggested size: 3 columns, 4 rows and add in the white Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette 2012 image to fill up room. The more square, the better the image will look for voting. Remember up to 10 colors are allowed. Duplicate colors are fine. Save the .jpg image to your computer and make sure you have your name and palette name as the file name.*

3. Details on Giveaways and Examples are on the Silk Color Palette Page
*here on this blog - see tab above*

So what are you waiting for?
Go pick out your silk bundle color palette and get it submitted!
And help promote this event and get entered into the drawings by commenting on the June 12 blog post.
Do this even if you aren't planning on submitting a color palette this round so you can try to win some silks for your next project!


  1. I hope I did that new little exercise correctly! My blog post is up!

    1. Hi Lisa - I checked out your blog post & commented there. Your palette is awesome! Thanks for participating in this round! Good luck with the voting!!!

  2. I have my blog post up. Just can't figure out how to make the title of my blog post go straight to that particular post, so I can link it here. The link I have right now just goes right to my blog itself.

    1. Hey Kay! Thanks for adding your palette!
      Do you want it to go to the actual page on your blog where your post is about the palette? You can delete the entry you have (only you can see that little red "x", then add it again, and make the "URL" to your post vs your blog in general). To find your exact post URL, click on your post title, and the page will refresh automatically, then copy and paste that URL in the address bar into the inlinkz gadget. Hope that helps...

  3. Thanks for the opportunity Marsha! It took me a couple of tries but hopefully all is in order. I'm so impressed with your brain, coming up with all these details and ways to join in the fun.

    1. Emma! It looks great! I hopped on over to your blog and checked out your post too! Great idea with the palette! I would totally wear this palette! Thanks for participating!!! :)

  4. Marsha,
    I didn't link my submission to my blog, and now I can't see the little red X to remove and try again. Yup, I am a newbie with all of this technology.

    1. Not a problem Andrea - this is a learning experience for everyone (even for me - first time having people submit palettes like this)! I'm really impressed that everyone is pretty much new to this and is taking the time to give it a go. I'm SO proud of you all!!!

      Can you reply to this comment and leave your blog post URL. I'll go into the Inlinkz gadget from behind the scenes and see if I can update it for you :) Thanks!

    2. I found it. Will go try to link it up real quick!

    3. You are so sweet. Thank you for doing that for me.

  5. WOW - I love the palettes you are coming up with!!! I will get on the computer later tonight and will get to commenting and clicking and following! You all ROCK!!! Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous!!!

  6. There are 15 total palettes entered into Round 2, and I'm going to pick one of them (according to the Inlinkz gadget behind the scenes info where they are numbered in order of upload, not set to random as on the public view of the blog).

    The winner of their submitted palette is: #8 - Lee Koopman - Elven Woods Palette! Congrats Lee!!! I'll email you through your ArtFire shop for your address to send you your palette!

    Thanks everyone for submitting! Good luck with the voting this week!

  7. What a fun challenge! I shared on FB and Twitter and tweeted again this afternoon! I hope you get lots of views of this fun challenge!


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