Monday, June 11, 2012

New Beads and Glazes In The Works...

I have been a bit MIA due to all kinds of "life" things going on.
In between here and there I have been working a bit on some new glaze tests...
And I just wanted to quick share!
1. Marsha Neal Studio Handmade Beads, 2. Newly Tested Glaze Colors, 3. Marsha Neal Studio Bead Tray 1, 4. Marsha Neal Studio Bead Tray 2
After I test out these glazes a bit more on some pendants and beads (which I had to make, because I used all of my previous stash up on glazing the ones you see above).

My goal for making all of these is to be able to sit down on one day and photograph the crap out of them.
I promised Dave that I would make it a priority to get my website back up and running on the side of my pendants and beads.
Not that I will be getting rid of my Etsy shop by any means.
But why pay extra fees for listing a bunch of items in two places?

Etsy will once again become a place for new and OOAK things that I don't want to list on the website.
But things like this - things I can give you a shape and size that I make - and you pick the color...
Why not have it online?

I'm game...
Look for this all towards the end of June starting to show up on my website.

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