Monday, July 2, 2012

$50 Clay Item Winners and What's Next!

Thanks for everyone participating in helping with this Round 2 of The Silk Palette Challenge!

During the first week of sales for Round 2:
12 of the Finalist Palettes were sold through my Etsy shop and Website
Both Round 1 and Round 2 palettes sold between 6/25 and 7/1 counted.
I used to pick the winner of the $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay gift certificate.
The winner is:
And if you are wondering what the heck does that mean...
As the orders come in, I keep track of the sales in a spreadsheet, in order of date purchased. 
Each palette that is purchased gets numbered.
This way everyone that purchases during Round 2 (6/25 to 9/18) gets a chance at the final $50 MNS Clay item Gift Certificate drawing on September 18th, 2012.

So congrats to Monique who purchase of Kathy Lindermer's palette:
Down By The River finalist palette!
That palette won her $50 to spend on Marsha Neal Studio Clay items!

And as extra incentive to help the finalists promote their 24 palettes (Round 1 and Round 2 finalists),
The palette that sold the most during week 1 for Round 2 of the Silk Palette Challenge would also get a $50 MNS Clay item Gift Certificate!
So Congrats to Andrea Ross! 
Your In The Rain Palette sold 4 total bundles!

So what is next in Round 2 of the Silk Color Palette Challenge???

The Design Challenges!

What does that mean?
Any of the Round 1 or Round 2 palettes that you have purchased and used, can be made into finished items. You do not have to use the entire palette in the project, just be inspired by something about it and use some of the silks from it to create a finished product.

In late July, I will be posting a gadget on my blog where you can link up your blog post or photo of your item that you used the silks with. After the link gadget closes, I will pick a random winner to win more of the silks or some of my clay pieces from my Etsy shop!

Ongoing For Round 2 Silk Color Palette Challenge:

1. Any of the Round 1 or Round 2 palettes you purchase from 6/25/12 to 9/17/12 will get you entered for a chance to win a $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay Gift Certificate.

2. Help the Round 1 and Round 2 finalists reach "Sold Palette" milestones to help them win free silks & Marsha Neal Studio Clay items!

3. Create finished items with these silks and enter them into the design challenges so you can win free stuff from Marsha Neal Studio AND have awesome jewelry or other projects made with these silks (who doesn't love the way soft, silky jewelry components feel against the skin?!)

If You Are A Finalist, Promote Your Palette!

If you are one of the finalists, or a friend to one of the finalists, grab a photo of your palette and put it up on your blog sidebar, write a post, run special promotions, and get creative on helping sell more of them. The more of your palettes that sell, the more free stuff I can give away to you!

And I'm sure I will be coming up with other fun things to do to for this too!

Thanks everyone for helping make this Round 2 a success!

I have not yet decided the fate of a Round 3 yet.
Participation really is going to determine if it will happen.
I sure hope you get excited about using these silks in your projects!!!

I know I have a lot of ideas brewing, and blog posts with use ideas coming up...
What about you?


  1. To say I am excited is the height of understatement! I have had goosebumps since receiving your email, Marsha. It was Canada Day yesterday and with all the celebrating and planning a family get-together, etc., I was grateful to have left myself a post-it on the computer: "Don't forget to order silks!!" I am beyond thrilled and my sister and twin nieces will be too, as they are my favourite "guinea pigs", and I will be using silk for the first time in a jewellery design. So a big thank you to you, Marsha, and to all the palette designers, especially Kathy Lindermer (my lucky charm) and Andrea Ross (whose palette was also one I purchased). Congratulations to you Andrea!

    1. Thank you Monique for helping me win $50 of Marsha's Clay pieces. I am so excited too! Happy Canada Day to you.

    2. I am excited to read that Monique won and that she purchased "my" silk Down by the River. I can't wait to see what she does with it!


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