Thursday, July 26, 2012

In The Studio

I have been sneaking in some bead making time in the last couple of days - want to see?!
Making discs into donuts.
Discs into bead caps.
Testing glazes layered upon each other.
Overall - having Fun!

Will be doing an Etsy update later next week once I get some glazing done.
(blogging from phone - will hopefully get to fixing pics in a bit)...


  1. I love those as bead caps! Too fun!

    1. Thanks Gaea! I'm so into how making the shards, then the beads, then disc beads, and now the caps has all happened as a progression of being in the studio and just playing with clay. It feels great (and like it has been years!). Now I need to fiddle with some finished items with them :)

  2. Wait until you see what I made with one of your focals I was sent for my first reveal Bead Soup!

    1. Oh, Lori! I can't WAIT!!! SO Excited for the first Bead Soup Reveal tomorrow!


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